2017 Cheapest & Costliest Cities

Oliver Smith
The Telegraph21 March 2017

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Almaty: spectacular setting, low prices - podgorakz - FotoliaMore

Singapore is the most expensive major city on Earth - and Almaty in Kazakhstan the cheapest - according to an extensive annual study of prices.

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Worldwide Cost of Living Survey assessed more than 150 different purchases in 133 cities around the world to determine where budget travellers should go - and where they should avoid.

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Singapore: start saving up Credit: Salvador III Manaois / AlamyMore

The Far East and Western Europe dominate the upper end of the table. Singapore, which has topped the charts for four consecutive years, is followed by Hong Kong, while Zurich and two Japanese cities - Tokyo and Osaka - complete the top five. Seoul, Geneva, Paris and Copenhagen also featured in the top 10.

London fell sharply from sixth last year to 24th, thanks to the tumbling value of sterling since last year’s vote in favour of Brexit.

Greatest best cities
The world's 10 most expensive cities
Singapore (=)
Hong Kong (=)
Zurich (-1)
Tokyo (+7)
Osaka (+9)
Seoul (+2)
Geneva (-3)
Paris (-2)
New York (-2)
Copenhagen (-1)

"With UK cities slipping down the ranking and Asian cities rising we now see only four European cities among the 10 most expensive," said Jon Copestake, editor of the survey. "This is a significant change from 10 years ago when European cities made up eight of the top 10."
Europe's most expensive (and cheapest) cities
Zurich (-1 overall)
Geneva (-3)
Paris (-2)
Copenhagen (-1)
Oslo (+2)
Helsinki (+1)
Reykjavik (+13)
Vienna (-3)
Frankfurt (-5)
London (-18)
Dublin (-1)
Milan (-1)
Hamburg (+2)
Munich (-4)
Rome (-1)
Dusseldorf (-5)
Barcelona (-1)
Brussels (-1)
Madrid (-6)
Stockholm (-2)
Manchester (-25)
Berlin (-3)
Lyon (-2)
Amsterdam (+1)
Luxembourg (+4)
Istanbul (+16)
Tashkent (+9)
Lisbon (-7)
Athens (-8)
Prague (-7)
Moscow (+15)
Warsaw (-8)
Budapest (-1)
Belgrade (-6)
Sofia (-1)
St Petersburg (+6)
Kiev (-6)
Bucharest (-2)
Almaty (-6)

Almaty pipped Lagos in Nigeria to the title of world’s cheapest city. India also looks a good bet for travellers on a shoestring, with Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi all among the bottom 10. After Almaty, Bucharest, Kiev and St Petersburg offer the lowest prices.

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London got a whole lot cheaper this year Credit: SERGEY BORISOVMore
The world's 10 cheapest cities
Almaty (-6)
Lagos (-16)
Bangalore (+1)
Karachi (-3)
Algiers (=)
Chennai (=)
Mumbai (+4)
Kiev (-6)
Bucharest (-2)
New Delhi (+2)

The city that fell furthest in the rankings, from 26th to 51st, was Manchester. Prices have also fallen sharply in Buenos Aires and a clutch of Chinese cities (Beijing, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Dalian).


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