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10 tips for effective presentation

Corporate culture demands frequent presentations. But whether presentations are effective or not depends on the presenter’s skills. Regular practice and the 10 tips mentioned below can help you make an effective presentation.
1. Know what the audience wants: When preparing the presentation, focus on the needs of your audience. The subject and its content should be relevant to them. If you want their undivided attention, your presentation should be tailored to their requirements and expectations. You should not use a standard presentation for all types of audiences. Know the profile of attendees beforehand to understand them better.
2. Make eye contact: To build confidence and a rapport with your audience, make eye contact with them. Keep the room well lit. Do not read from the slides or cue cards. Make sure to look at the audience and smile. That is how they will connect with you
3. Focus on the key purpose: Remember the core objective and develop your presentation around it. Your speech must focus on this only. Digressing from it will not only confuse your audience but they will lose interest too. The basic purpose of the presentation, after all, is for the audience to take away the key message.

4. A strong start matters: A strong beginning is important for a successful presentation. If you manage to grab the audience’s attention at the start, you will have their attention until the end. So, begin with a lively example.
5. Time matters, too: You must fix a duration for your presentation. A lengthy presentation could make the audience lose interest. Moreover, schedule the presentation at a time when you can get the maximum attention from the audience. For example, just before or after lunch is not a good time.
6. Tell a story: Stories make people interested. When you present a story related to your topic, you will have an attentive audience wanting to know how the story unfolds. Weave a story around the subject of your presentation.
7. Appropriate body language: Rather than stand behind the podium, place a mike on your collar and move around the available space slowly. This shows confidence. It also makes your tone interactive. Avoid negative body gestures, like crossing your arms or keeping your hands behind your back.
8. Use examples and facts: Remember, you can gain the audience’s interest by offering more facts and real-life examples. Back these up with data to prove authenticity and make the details easy to remember. This would also help the audience to understand the concepts easily.
9. Organise slides: Arrange the slides beforehand, as per the presentation flow. If you feel a slide is irrelevant, delete it in advance. Skipping slides when you are on stage makes you look unorganised. It will also hinder your image as a presenter.
10. Stay calm: Only when you are relaxed can you explain the topic to the audience properly. So, relax and breathe properly. Your audience can enjoy your presentation only if you enjoy 
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