Freedom 251 Delivery

Ringing Bells to fulfill Freedom 251 orders by June 30 via CoD

Sticking to its word

Ringing Bells to fulfill Freedom 251 orders by June 30 via CoD

Ringing Bells, which is in the news lately for its Freedom 251 smartphone, has announced that it will ship orders to the customers by the 30th of June, 2016. The orders will be fulfilled via CoD according to the company.

This comes after the company recently announced that it will be refunding all bank payments made by customers and would opt for CoD instead. The move was taken to quell any fears or worries of Ringing Bells being a fraud.

We're still some distance away from June 30, so it can't be ascertained at this point if the company will stick to its word. However, knowing that there's a lot riding on this for the Ringing Bells top brass, we're hoping that they don't make a U-Turn at the very last minute.

In a Facebook post, the company said "Today is a historic day. We have sent out the confirmation SMS/E-mail to the people who will be receiving the Freedom251 phones by June 30 through Cash on Delivery. Kindly like the post and comment here as and when you receive the SMS/E-mail."

There have been accusations of the company running a Ponzi scheme by taking money from customers beforehand. However, the company claimed that the money was with the payment gateway and hadn't reached Ringing Bells. But in order to assure customers that this is a serious business, they decided to convert every order into CoD, while promising to refund payments in the process.

With shipments expected to commence by the 30th of June, we should expect the device to reach customers' hands sometime by early July.


Other phones with similar specifications cost about Rs 3,000

Rs 251 for a smartphone! Yes that was our reaction too when we first read about the phone. In the times today, we are not able to get any decent feature phone for this price and here we are talking about an Android-powered smartphone!

Little wonder that, Freedom 251 managed to grab plenty of headlines in the past couple of days. There are plenty of debates aound the phone that claim to assess the business model of Ringing Bells (the Noida based company). However, we were more concerned on whether the phone is able to work seamlessly or are there any teething issues that the users will face on ordering the phone.

The company is taking a booking via its website and you will be getting the delivery of the smartphone by June 30, 2016. Here is what we think about the first impressions of the phone.


In terms of the looks, we could not help but notice how much the Freedom 251 resemble the iPhone 4s from the front. It has broad bezels at the bottom of the phone that has a single home button, which looks alike the TouchID button on the iPhone.

Also some fishing around with the box and we get to know that it is perhaps a rebranded version of the Adcom Ikon 4. Inside the box, we also found a pair of headphones and a power cable. The overall body was made out of plastic and it made no bones to hide that fact.


The Freedom 251 has a 480x800 mobile WVGA resolution. We found the display to be strictly average and so were the viewing angles.


If you are expecting good quality images from the 3.2MP primary camera and a 0.3MP front camera then you are in for a disappointment. The front camera is able to deliver average images in good lighting conditions, which you can share on your Facebook but nothing more than that.

Under the hood

We were expecting the phone to offer decent performance given that 1.3GHz quad-core processor coupled with 1GB of RAM. It also has 8GB of internal storage that can be expanded by up to 32GB via microSD card. About 5.45 GB of storage is available to the user. However, there were certain sluggishness in the phone while transition from one home screen to another.

The phone runs on stock Android 5.0 Lollipop and is not likely to get an update to Marshmallow. We are still awaiting a formal conversion of the same and will update you shortly on the same. We could help but notice how some of the apps on the phone such as the photos has the same icon as the one found on devices running on iOS 9.

It is a dual SIM smartphone that supports 3G. It packs in a (removable) 1,450mAh battery unit but we are yet to see how the same performs.

Early verdict

There are plenty of questions that the Freedom 251 raises, but we do not have answers yet. With the little time that we spent with the phone, we can tell you for sure that for Rs 251 this is a great smartphone. Yes, trying to procure it will be a challenge but most people who have participated in the flash sales will not mind putting a little more extra effort. Or would you?

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