Freedom 251 Delivery

Ringing Bells to fulfill Freedom 251 orders by June 30 via CoD

Sticking to its word

Ringing Bells to fulfill Freedom 251 orders by June 30 via CoD

Ringing Bells, which is in the news lately for its Freedom 251 smartphone, has announced that it will ship orders to the customers by the 30th of June, 2016. The orders will be fulfilled via CoD according to the company.

This comes after the company recently announced that it will be refunding all bank payments made by customers and would opt for CoD instead. The move was taken to quell any fears or worries of Ringing Bells being a fraud.

We're still some distance away from June 30, so it can't be ascertained at this point if the company will stick to its word. However, knowing that there's a lot riding on this for the Ringing Bells top brass, we're hoping that they don't make a U-Turn at the very last minute.

In a Facebook post, the company said "Today is a historic day. We have sent out the confirmation SMS/E-mail to the people who will be receiving the Freedom251 phones by June 30 through Cash on Delivery. Kindly like the post and comment here as and when you receive the SMS/E-mail."

There have been accusations of the company running a Ponzi scheme by taking money from customers beforehand. However, the company claimed that the money was with the payment gateway and hadn't reached Ringing Bells. But in order to assure customers that this is a serious business, they decided to convert every order into CoD, while promising to refund payments in the process.

With shipments expected to commence by the 30th of June, we should expect the device to reach customers' hands sometime by early July.

Google Cardboard

How to get started with Cardboard, Google's DIY virtual reality headset

Google, one of the largest and most influential tech companies on the planet, decided to enter the virtual reality space with a smartphone shell made of cardboard. True story! It gave away a kit to Google I/O attendees in 2014, and then posted the plans online so anyone with an empty pizza box or stray shipping carton could hack together a lo-fi VR device with a handful of cheap parts.

Cardboard might sound silly, but it has caught on in a serious way: the plans have been downloaded more than 500,000 times, there are dozens upon dozens of compatible apps, and now LG and Mattel are creating plastic versions. You can even buy a standard cardboard viewer from third-party companies if you don’t want to make one yourself.

Whether you plan to build or buy, it’s easy to get started with this entry-level, ultra-affordable VR experience. Here’s how.
Why bother?

It’s Paul McCartney! The image is split on the screen, but through the Cardboard viewer, the two sides merge to become one seamless image.

Moto Phones are best

I love Moto phones. The durabilty, easy to use, regular updates budget, everything is awesome. Plus we are getting great offer on Amazon too. Here are the few of the reasons, why I prefer Moto G3 or other Moto Phones:


13 Megapixel Camera which is the same sensor that is present in the Motorola's Nexus 6 takes pretty good photos in this price range phones.
Textured back cover which makes the phone less slippery and the Motorola dimple just below the camera gives really a nice feel.
Power off switch and volume rocker both are in same side which at times turns out to be a Con if you need to take snapshot. But when compared with older Moto G devices where you often get confused with volume and power button in this mobile the power button is textured so that even in dark you can easily identify the difference. In my old Moto G2 I always get confused with volume up and power during nights in dark.
Removable back though the battery is sealed and non-user-replaceable.
Expandable memory up to 32GB memory card which is now a rare element in higher-end smartphones and flagships.
IPX7-rated water resistant and designed to withstand immersion in up to 3 feet of fresh water for up to 30 minutes provided the back cover is 'properly sealed'
Pretty decent front-firing speakers but not stereo speakers that used to be in the Moto G2. Still you never get to cover them when you play games or watch video.
The best feature is the battery of about 2470mAh. This phone has an insane amount of stand by time and screen-on time of about a whooping 6hours. (Note: Am a power-user)
Very light OS without any special UI or skin running above it. Stock android lollipop experience which is upgradable to Marshmallow anytime soon and for some devices have already got updated.
Classic Motorola features like, DOUBLE-CHOP to trigger the Flash-light ON; DOUBLE-TWIST to wake up the Camera and Active Display to see all of your notifications and clock (though it's still a glitch)
LTE or 4G support which makes this a complete phone at this price point. Supports OTG as well.

Best Budget Power Bank


Today we have smart phone with many powerful features, but even though batteries are improving inside these smart phones, we are facing the need of backup for batteries. After using for more than 5 months, my favourite choice for the power bank is Ambrane P-1000 Star
Yes, it works. with dual USB ports, it is idle for every smart phone user. Basically we need a huge power bank like more than 10000 mah during travelling and this power bank carries a torch, which is a good options for travelling specially while Hiking, picnics etc.
 It's cheap, easy to use, practical. 
So for me, it's the best choice to buy.

Lenovo Vibe K4 Note complete detail

Register today for Redmi note 3

Why Lenovo Vibe K4 Note?
1. Brand - As we know that today there are many other 5.5 inches budget phones with a great configuration. But Lenovo is one of the oldest brands in electronics which now acquire Motorola too. So instead of buying any smaller brands,, we can go with Lenovo.

2. Gorilla Display - Size and features are lamost same to other phones like Hono X, Redmi note 3, LeTv L1, but only L1 carries gorilla glass and Lenovo carries the gorilla glass. Now why Gorilla? Since we are using the biggest phones, so the chances of slipping from hand, table or pocket are maximum. Even though Honor X show the strength in there advertisement,  there is no protection specified in packing or details. That's why Lenovo is much better choice in case of accidents.

3. Speakers on front side: With Dolby feature, Lenovo carries stereo speeakers in front side which is a better option because the side or back speakers are normally covered by our palm. 

4. Better battery life: Yes, Redmi has the fast charging and 4100 mah battery, but after that Lenovo is the best deal. 

5. Memory and dual sim support: If you feel Letv is a good deal, than this is the advantage with lenovo. with Memory card support, you can expand the space in phone.

Lenovo is doing well with the smartphone segment, now they have Moto too and to slap Xiaomi's upcoming Redmi Note 3 and Coolpad Note 3 they launched K4 note so I expected something more from Lenovo. Don't get me wrong K4 note is a really good device but at this price tag, it fails to do what it should do.



1. Very simple and sleek design. (added pictures)
2. Dolby atmos makes it one of the best sound smartphones in the market. Really loud and clear.
3. Overall good built quality.
4. Fast and accurate fingerprint scanner.
5. Stunning 13.97cm (5.5") full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels IPS screen. (Bigger the display more the productivity.)
6. Radio & NFC.
7. 4G, Dual sim and MircoSD slot(up to 128GB).
8. Bundled with 2Amp fast charger, transparent back cover & screen protector.
9. Fast 3GB DDR3 RAM with 16GB Flash memory. (Faster the memory, lesser the loading and launching time of the apps)
10. 13MP camera with Dual LED Flash.
11. Matte type finish on the back makes a good grip on the phone.
12. An excellent output from the 3.5mm jack, all you need is a good app like poweramp and pair of earphone. I tested it with XB70AP.
13. Big 3300 mAh high-capacity battery.



1. Heavily bloated, so many unnecessary apps some of them even can't be removed by a normal user. (Lenovo never thinks of user experience)
2. I'm not a big fan of Mediatek processors but these days to cut the cost of devices companies have no choice left. If you are a heavy user might see some performance issues.
3. No backlight for capacitive buttons(Home, Menu and Back)
4. Average quality pictures from the Camera.
5. Nonremovable battery.
6. No good protection(O-ring or boundary) around the camera lens.

Redmi Note Prime - Details & Review

Xiaomi is just a one-year-old brand for India and it took only one year to beat all other old and big brands just because of their business model, price, quality and MIUI. The service of Xiaomi in India is not that much good as all other big brands but still they are doing their level best to give best. I have bought all Xiaomi India products and none of them required to visit a service center to date. The first device they launched in India was the MI3 and I got it in the first sale and it still works like the new device. The Redmi Note Prime is the not the latest Note device they have in the International market, as they have already launched Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 2 Prime and the Redmi Note 3 in the international market but they all have the MediaTek processor and they have been prohibited from sale these MediaTek phones in India due to some patent issues, so they launched the Redmi Note Prime with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 410 (which is not outdated yet) especially for the Indians and made in India.

Use Guitar Capo

Guitar Capo From Snapdeal

A capo is a tool carried by many guitarists and is used to instantly change the key of the guitar. It is an indispensable tool in any guitarist's toolkit, which is why learning how to use a guitar capo is important. Because it is so compact and simple, many guitarists carry it wherever they go. Using a capo can be very helpful when trying to match a song's key to a vocalist's singing range, or trying to make key changes between or during songs without sacrificing open drone strings.
  1. Image titled Use a Guitar Capo Step 1

Best Budget Earphone

Here are my three Best earphones under my budget. After using few months, I have full faith on these earphones for my daily use with my mobile phones (Moto, Samsung, Redmi, iPhone etc).

1st is Sennheiser cx 275s. these are my favaurate and I am using it right now on daily basis with my mobile i.e Moto X Play. The clearity and bass is so beautiful that I cant think any other earphonw. with 2 years of warranty, these are worth to buy even if it is more costlier than my other choices.

2nd is JBL T100 earphones. JBL is a leading brand in speakers, so can we here with these earphones. Bass of these earphones are great and under 700, these are the best budget earphones.

3rd is Creative EP-600M. Please remember, see first that it should have "M" in the name which stand for mic. Earlier when 3.5 mm jack was available only in discman & mp3 players, I was using EP-600. But now I bought it for Samsung Galaxy S5. Very nice sound with good srength. Even though Creative brand is not so popular as compare to Sennhieser or JBL, these are the cheapest and great Earphone.
Now the choice is Yours. 
Links are given below with complete detail and best price. Please buy.


Best 64gb Memory card in Low price

Buy SanDisk Ultra® microSDXC™ 64GB 48MB/S UHS-I Card from Snapdeal

SanDisk Ultra® microSDXC™ 64GB 48MB/S UHS-I Card

Item Details


  • 7-year warranty
  • Great for today's Android smartphone & tablet users
  • Faster transfer speed upto 48MB/S
  • Dependable high speed for shooting FULL HD (1080p) video recording & high quality photos
  • 7 -year warranty
  • Class 10 card with UHS-I technology
  • SanDisk Memory Zone app to view & manage digital file from your phones
  • SUPC: 1357061

Maybelline Hyperglossy Liquid Liner



Ultra-glossy formula + soft, flexible brush
for a smudgeproof line!
Dare to shine all day!

Why You'll Love It

Eye artistry made easy:
- Flexible brush tip, providing ultra-exact and ultra-thin line.
- Smudgeproof and waterproof
- Smooth & even application
- Safe for sensitive eyes and opthamologist tested.
- Contact lens safe.

For Best Results

1. Line lash line from the inner corner to the outer corner
2. Repeat for a thicker, more dramatic line

Best Cheap Watch by Maxima

To Buy, click on blow link:
Buy Maxima Black Leather Wrist Watch For Men

Maxima Black Leather Wrist Watch For Men

Best Buy Refrigerator

Videocon VA163B 150 L Single Door Refrigerator


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