Most Beautiful Forests

Most Beautiful Forests In The World

Bluebells in Halle`s forest, Belgium. From late April to early May a few acres of woodlands are covered by a splendid carpet of wild bluebell hyacinths. Photo by: Raimund Linke
Thick grove of poplar trees, Oregon. Photo by: David Thompson

Spot a fake diamond


5 ways to spot a fake diamond

Beautiful Places for Single Woman Traveller

Calling All Single Women! These 8 Destinations Are Perfect Landing Places For You

1. Looking For Some Exotic Experience? Head To Agatti

If you’re a single lady looking for an exotic experience with a potential for new friends, head to Agati. The island is surrounded by scenic beauty and many fun loving tourists.
HolidayIQ Traveller Gautam Burman shares, “Agatti is a very good destination for 2/3 days staying. A small island and hence, one can enjoy the sea, the lagoons and the beach. One can go to Bangram and enjoy the full day there. About one hour journey by boat the Bangram island. One can ask for copra from an islander 'free'.  Enjoy the sea from all sides. 'Encircle ' an island even on foot.”
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