How to end your day in Office

Leaving work for the day? Make sure you've completed these essential tasks.

It’s always important to end your work day on a good note. Your end-of-the-day routine must sync with your morning routine to help you achieve your daily goals at work. In order to end your day on a good note, here are a few things you might want to do before you pack your bags and leave for the day: 

1. To-do list: Always evaluate your to-do list before you leave your office. If you find out that there are multiple small assignments lined up, be responsible enough to complete them quickly. It will lighten up the workload for the next day.
 Keep yourself updated with the conference calls and meetings scheduled for the next day. It’s always a smart decision to set reminders on your phone and personal computer for the next day.
2. Check deadlines: It’s imperative that you meet deadlines. Spare a couple of minutes to discuss with your boss and co-workers about the status of projects your working on. This will only imply that you’re keen on completing the project on time.
3. Organize your inbox: Block the last 10 minutes of each working day to clear your inbox. Delete all the unnecessary emails. Also, remember to mark the ones you need to follow up the next day. If you discover that need to respond to or follow up with projects, complete it the same day.
4. Accomplishments: Make a note of your accomplishments, take pride and credit for completing it on time. Reflect on all the positive things that happened through the day in order to boost your energy levels to work hard and achieve the same feeling day after day.
5. Goodbye: It could be tempting to just rush out that door to spend some quality time with family. Saying goodbye is as important as greeting people in every morning. A friendly bye to your colleagues can only end your day pleasantly.
6. Overtime: Don’t hang around in office after your work hours aimlessly. It’s one thing to showcase that you’re a smart worker who finishes work in time and another to prove that you work hard by extending your time in office just for those brownie points.

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