How to end your day in Office

Leaving work for the day? Make sure you've completed these essential tasks.

It’s always important to end your work day on a good note. Your end-of-the-day routine must sync with your morning routine to help you achieve your daily goals at work. In order to end your day on a good note, here are a few things you might want to do before you pack your bags and leave for the day: 

World T20 Time Table

MUMBAI, India (AP) — India and Pakistan will play their group match at the World Twenty20 in the hill city of Dharamsala on March 19, and New Delhi and Mumbai will host the semifinals.
Kolkata's Eden Gardens was already announced as the venue for the final of the 16-team tournament from March 8 to April 3.
South Africa, England, the West Indies, and Sri Lanka are in Group 1, while India, Pakistan, Australia, and New Zealand are in Group 2 of the Super 10 stage.
They will be joined by two of the eight other teams competing in a qualifying competition.
Chennai was not chosen on Friday as a venue since three stands at M.A. Chidambaram Stadium are not in use because of a legal issue with local authorities.
It will, however, host matches in the Women's World Twenty20 to be played concurrently.
The men's tournament, which carries prize money of $5.6 million, has been won once each by India, Pakistan, England, the West Indies, and Sri Lanka.
Defending champion Sri Lanka is the only team to have reached the final three times.

Most powerful people in the world

The 50 most powerful people in the world

4x3 50 most powerful people 2015_obama
Samantha Lee/Business Insider
It isn’t just wealth. And isn’t just control over people or resources. No, true power is a potent combination of money and influence that enables people to help shape the world. But only a select group of people really possess the economic and political clout to effect global change. For better or worse, their decisions affect millions, shake industries, and change nations.
Business Insider has compiled the following list of the world’s most powerful people — heads of state, billionaires, CEOs, and entertainers. To determine the ranking, we considered more than 100 of the most influential players in business, politics, and entertainment, and we evaluated their influence by using metrics in four major areas: economic power, command, newsworthiness, andimpact — a subjective measure that captures how important they are in their respective spheres.
Because the majority of these people span several industries, we took the logarithm of each and mapped those logarithms to a standardized scale, which allowed us to combine the metrics. (See our full methodology here.)
US President Barack Obama, leader of the world’s chief superpower, takes top honors, followed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, ruler of the a country making a serious challenge to the US’ supremacy. Read on to see the full list of the world’s 50 most powerful people right now:

Best times to post on Social Media

Best times to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+

Most popular men's hairstyles

The 5 most popular men's hairstyles right now, according to Pinterest

Fall is here and you need a new look — time to make an appointment with your barber. 
But first you need some inspiration. For that, we asked image-sharing platform Pinterest to comb its user data and send us the most popular men's hairstyles right now. Check them out below. 


george clooney(Getty/Neilson Barnard) 
The traditional side-part is the No. 1 men's hairstyle on Pinterest. "The latest evolution of the side-part takes a bit more commitment than its Ivy League predecessor, as the stylist shaves in the side-part line," says Pinterest user researcher and personal stylist Larkin Brown. 
However, while the shaved route is edgier, it limits styling options, so you might want to opt for the classic, swoopier side-part à la George Clooney.  

Best Exercises For Each Muscle Group

Your body has approximately 640 muscles (depending on who’s counting), and it’s important to keep every group mobile and healthy. How many muscles do you ignore when you train? You might not realise you are doing it, but it’s easy to get stuck in the same routine, forgetting about other important muscles and exercises.
Buy Pepsodent Whitening Germicheck Toothpaste 140 g from Snapdeal

Cartoon Characters All Grown Up

Categories: Art & Design, Kids | by Brittany High
Cartoon Characters All Grown Up

Daily habit could be keeping you from getting rich

rainy day umbrella(Dan Kitwood/Getty) Stop complaining — out loud and in your head — if you want to improve your finances.
Much of what separates wealthy people from average people is mental — rich people simply think, act, and make choices differently than the rest of us.
In "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind," author and self-made millionaire T. Harv Eker identifies a seemingly harmless daily habit average people engage in that the rich refuse to: complaining.

The Tajik Beauty

‘Damsel of Dushanbe’ - internet going crazy over Tajik beauty

“I love to meet diverse people, to go beyond the surface, to discover their sincere and authentic side, to photograph it.”   -            Mihaela Noroc 

Image courtesy: AP

Gym Myths Busted

Gyms can be a pretty intimidating place - especially now we’re all chanting “strong is the new skinny” and wandering around with hand weights, squatting under heavy dumbells and swinging around the medicine balls.
Can’t we just all go back to a light jog on the treadmill and call it a day?
Well no, actually we can’t. And here are 8 gym myths that you need to ditch immediately.

The Nature Of Ambition

Make Your Nails Shiny And Healthy

For every gorgeous lady who loves to exhibit perfection from head to toe, having neat and shiny nails is as important as wearing the perfect dress, makeup, footwear or jewellery. While a lot of you might take help of a nail paint to make your nails look more beautiful, it is not advisable to apply it on a regular basis as it damages them in the long run. Instead, you can use a few home remedies to make your nails shinier than ever. So, take a look at these quick and easy natural ways to make your nails shiny and beautiful.

Brilliant Tech Hacks

Think you’ve seen every possible tech hack out there? Think again for this ultimate list of no common sense tech hacks that makes your life easier.

#1 – Need to jot down something quickly? Open a temporary notepad in your browser by typing “data:text/html, <html contenteditable>” into the address bar.

Need to jot down something quickly? Open a temporary notepad in your browser by typing "data:text/html, <html contenteditable>" into the address bar.
Remember to bookmark and rename it as Notepad.
Jose Jesus Perez Aguinaga/coderwall

#2 – Ambient music to boost your productivity:

Believe me, you have to try this combo if you haven’t. Open these links in separate tabs:
Feel lonely? Add for some morning murmur.

#3 – At website login pages, you can view masked passwords by changing the password input type as text.

At website login pages, you can view masked passwords by changing the password input type as text.
Most software and web developers probably know this. So, don’t leave your PC on!
Harikrishnan Edayalil/Quora

Amazing Lights

By Day Its a Unique Sculpture While At Night It Comes Alive

Meet Przemek Krawczynski from Lodz, Poland. He started creating gourd lamps back in 2009 when he discovered the gourd fruit, the first lamp he ever made was for his own room and from that point on it became his passion. Przemek was a building engineering student and worked in an architectural studio, but in 2010 he decided to quit school and job and devote all of his time to his passion!
Floor lamp I - Florescence - D1 (1)
Most of his lamps are made out of the raw material called calabashes that can be found in Senegal, Africa. Przemek is a self-taught artist and he aims for constant progress in his skills and creativity and he says ” Self-fulfillment and satisfaction from my work are more important for me than the number of lamps I can create within a certain time span ” Creating one lamp can take between 2 -4 months and in some lamps each hole has been designed and marked before the work actually started. Every lamp is unique, you won’t find two that are the same, the artist never repeats his patterns on his lamps and he draws his inspiration from geometry, complex and complicated patterns.
Floor lamp I - Florescence - D2 (1)
” By day my lamp is a unique sculpture while at night it comes alive by the light seeping through intricate carved wood and passing through thousands of holes. Flowing shadow fills the space and casts the patterns on the surrounding walls, making it possible to enjoy the light not only in just pragmatic terms” 

Floor lamp I - Florescence - D3 (1)
Floor lamp I - Florescence - N1 (1)
Floor lamp I - Florescence - N2 (1)
Floor lamp II - Affirma - D1 (1)
Floor lamp II - Affirma - N1 (1)
Table lamp XII - N1 (1)
Table lamp XII - N2 (1)

Get people to do what you want

11 incredible psychological tricks to get people to do what you want

jedi mind trick(Star Wars / Lucasfilm) Pull your own Jedi mind trick.
You don’t need to be the CEO to get people to listen to you.
Psychological research suggests there are plenty of ways to get people to do what you want — without them even realizing you’ve persuaded them.
We’ve rounded up 11 science-backed strategies for getting people to like you, to buy stuff, and to give you what you’re after.
All of them will leave you feeling more powerful.

Protect Yourself On Facebook

How to see all the companies tracking you on Facebook — and block them

eyeball eye owl(Wikimedia Commons) Facebook is a great utility if you want to stay in touch with friends and family, share photos, and see what other people are up to in their lives.
It's free, of course, but that doesn't mean it comes without a price. If you're using Facebook, you're giving the company a ton of information about yourself that it is selling to advertisers in one form or another.
Most people forget that when they download an app or sign in to a website using their Facebook login, they are giving those companies a look into their Facebook profile. Your profile contains a lot of personal information that can often include your email address and phone number as well as your work history and current location. And most people don't realize that if you're sharing any of that data with your friends, then apps used by those friends can see that data as well!
Advertisers, Facebook-app developers, and Facebook ad tech partners don't get a direct look at your personal data. They won't see that my name is Jim Edwards, my phone number is 07xxxx, I'm male, and I work at Business Insider — Facebook hashes and anonymizes all the data to protect user's privacy and gives it back to partners in bulk so they can't identify individuals — but nevertheless, this data is being used to serve you better-targeted ads.

Watch Movies Online

Best Sites to Watch Movies Online without Downloading

Movie streaming, how this works? When you watch movies online you don’t have to download the movie to watch. You are watching the movie live, live streaming.
The major advantage of watching movies online without downloading is you are saving your precious time, save time on downloading.
Lot of sites are available on the internet to watch movies online without downloading. Which are the best? Today we are listing the best in 2015. Here we go.

Learn Special Effects

Matthew Albanese is artist who fascinated with special effects and magic. Matthew own a stunning artwork collection of photographs that will blow your mind with their realistic presence. On the left side in  gallery you can see the final image and on the right you will be able to see how image was created using his special effects. Scroll down and enjoy in today’s gallery with 15 beautiful artworks. 


 Diorama for Box of Lightning.. Backlit etching in plexiglass painted black.

What should i Learn from 1st Job

8 lessons everyone should learn in their first job

cool office working laptops couch
(Flickr / Dev Bootcamp)Build relationships with coworkers.Your first job can seem daunting and impossible at times.
Luckily, many people have been there and learned the ropes.
A group of Quora users drew from their experiences to address the question, "What were the best things you learned in your first job?" The answers provide ways to make yourself invaluable to your manager and succeed in the workplace.

Bollywood Actresses Who Smoke

Bollywood Actresses Who Smoke In Real Life

We have seen leading ladies in Bollywood films smoke, and on the screen, it did look kind of cool but what about the stars who smoke in real life? Yes, there are some Bollywood actresses who not only smoke in reel life but also in real life.

Bollywood Stars Duplicate

Top 10: Bollywood's actors look-a likes

At first glance, you’ll think they are twins. But its only after few seconds that you’ll realize that these people are just ordinary people. They just happen to look like an exact photocopy of Bollywood’s most loved celebrities.

Top 10: Bollywood Celebrities And Their Ordinary Look Alikes

Top 10: Bollywood Celebrities And Their Ordinary Look Alikes
Shah Rukh Khan: No, that’s not Shah Rukh Khan‘s close-up shot. That’s a guy from Indor who looks exactly like Bollyowod’s King Khan. So similar that at first glance its near to impossible to make out the differences at all.

Animal Eyes Photography

Animal Eyes Photography by Suren Manvelyan

The famous photographer Suren Manvelyan and he is in famous in macro photography. Suren born in 1976, he strarted photography in the age of sixteen and became as professional photographer in 2006. Suren's photography publish in many magazines and newspapers in Armenia and Worldwide. The popular series of close-ups of  "Animal Eyes" and "Your Beautiful Eyes" have had millions of views on Web. Published by National Geographic, Yahoo! Die Zeit, The Sun, Daily Mail etc etc. In 2001 Suren received his PhD in Theoretical Physics from the Yerevan State University, where his research focused on Quantum Chaos. He also got the President Award from Republic of Armenia next year for his research work in the field of Quantum Technologies.  Suren also love to plays musical instruments like guitar, cello, piano, block flute and lyre.



Lemur Catta
Lemur Catta

Parenting Advice

As a counselling psychologist, the most frequent question I am asked during my parenting workshops or in my private practice is: “Am I doing a good job of parenting my child?” While I gently reassure the parent that they are doing their best, I am left bewildered about the origin of this question. Did my parents also ask the same question of others? Or is this a modern phenomenon?

Best unlikely Action stars in Hollywood

5 Best unlikely action stars

As a two-time Oscar winner ("Mystic River" and "Milk"), Sean Penn is an accomplished character actor who mostly known for his dramatic roles. He's hardly the type of actor where one would picture him as an action hero... until now, that is. Come 26 March 2015, Sean Penn will defy expectation as he finally jumps into the bandwagon of Hollywood's recent craze of "aging actor-turned-action star" to play an ex-Special Forces soldier in "The Gunman".
To coincide with Sean Penn's unlikely career shift into action-centric role, let's take a look at 5 best actors who became unlikely action stars.

Marriage Advice by Divorced Man

Below are 20 wise marriage tips from a man that was recently divorced. You wouldn't normally think that a divorced man would give good advice on being a husband, but this man has been through enough hardship to know what is worth fighting for:

Obviously, I’m not a relationship expert. But there’s something about my divorce being finalized this week that gives me perspective of things I wish I would have done different: After losing a woman that I loved, and a marriage of almost 16 years, here’s the advice I wish I would have had…
Gerald Rogers
If you’re interested:
Someone submitted a Beautiful Response from a woman’s perspective.

    NEVER EVER take that woman for granted. When you asked her to marry you, you promised to be that man that would OWN HER HEART and to fiercely protect it. This is the most important and sacred treasure you will ever be entrusted with. SHE CHOSE YOU. Never forget that, and NEVER GET LAZY in your love.

    Just as you committed to being the protector of her heart, you must guard your own with the same vigilance. Love yourself fully, love the world openly, but there is a special place in your heart where no one must enter except for your wife. Keep that space always ready to receive her and invite her in, and refuse to let anyone or anything else enter there.
  3. happy-couple-1

Best Metro system around the world

World's best metro rail systems

Last year, many Indian cities have given the green signal for Metro rail projects. Here's a look at the world's best metro rail systems, ahead of the Railway Budget.


The Underground system is also colloquially called the Tube. As commonly used today both by Londoners and in most official publicity, this term embraces the entire system

Photo by Jcornelius

How to build muscles

Muscle Building Exercises for Beginners

Building expert Mike Chang sharing the 8 complete exercise with practical for all the beginners who want to start building Muscle. 
Please refer Video for flawless way of exercise.
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