Porsche $310,000 Panamera

Porsche Sells Out of $310,000 Panamera Exclusive in 48 Hours

Not long ago, Porsche debuted its limited-run Panamera Exclusive Series at the LA Auto show – 100 specially minted cars that offer the best of what Porsche can cram into a luxury five-door. But at an astounding $310,000 a pop, they don’t exactly come cheap.Regardless, the entire lot recently went up for sale. In the span of 48 hours all the limited edition cars were accounted for, reportedly a shock even to Porsche’s top dogs. And now a new report from Autocar suggests that Porsche will give it another try … perhaps with different models.
porsche panamera exclusive photo
Speaking with the British outlet at the LA Auto Show, Porsche chief of research and development Wolfgang Hatz commented, “I wish we’d offered more cars for sale; the response has been incredible.” Hatz noted that the Exclusive Series tested the waters of both consumer interest and the abilities of Porsche’s suppliers. “I’m sure we will do more in the future.”

A stretched 911 or Cayman looks a bit doubtful, not to mention just plain wrong, but the prospect of a limited-run, no-holds-barred sports car variant is a tempting one.
porsche panamera exclusive luggage photo
The 100 Panamera Exclusive models built upon the Panamera Turbo S Executive trim and similarly boasted 570 horsepower and all-wheel drive. Porsche then stretched its wheelbase by nearly six inches, added a custom two-tone black-and-chestnut paint job, matching leather upholstery, and 10-inch touchscreens for the rear seats.
A signature Porsche luggage set even came with the car, but that’s somewhat to be expected. Once all the bits and pieces are tallied up, the Panamera Exclusive retailed for about $110,000 more than the $200,500 Panamera Executive model it’s based on.

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