Daily Overview — Planet Earth

Daily Overview is a project that shows daily satellite images of different parts of the Earth in order to give us a new point of view to observe our planet. The idea of this project is the "Overview Effect" which is what astronauts experience when they look at Earth. At that point they can understand the true value of our planet and come to understand how important it is to take care of him.

The images that gives us this project gives us an idea of our presence and size on the planet, can see how the human geometry adapts, occupying and transforming the surface.

Shin-Nagoya Thermal Power Station Japan
Shin-Nagoya Thermal Power Station Japan

Mir Mine
Mir Mine

Pamban Bridge, Rameswaram

The Pamban Bridge is a cantilever bridge on the Palk Strait which connects the town of Rameswaram on Pamban Island to mainland India. The bridge refers to both the road bridge and the cantilever railway bridge, though primarily it means the latter. Opened in 1914, it was India's first sea bridge, and was the longest sea bridge in India till 2010. The rail bridge is for the most part, a conventional bridge resting on concrete piers, but has a double leaf bascule section midway, which can be raised to let ships and barges pass through. On 24 February 2014, the Pamban Bridge marked its 100th anniversary.

Pambam bridge train on sea boat mail.
Pamban bridge train on sea boat mail.
Image credit Harris Kiran

The railway bridge is 6,776 ft (2,065 m) long and was opened for traffic in 1914. The bridge has a still-functioning double-leaf bascule section that can be raised to let ships pass. The railway bridge historically carried meter-gauge trains, but Indian Railways upgraded the bridge to carry broad-gauge trains in a project that finished Aug. 12, 2007. Until recently, the two leaves of the bridge were opened manually using levers by workers. About 10 ships — cargo carriers, coast guard ships, fishing vessels and oil tankers — pass through the bridge every month. From the elevated two-lane road bridge, adjoining islands and the parallel rail bridge below can be viewed. After completion of the bridge, meter-gauge lines were laid from Mandapam up to Pamban station. From here the railway line bifurcated, one line towards Rameshwaram about 6.25 miles (10.06 km) up and another branch line of 15 miles (24 km) terminating at Dhanushkodi. The section was opened to traffic in 1914. [source]

Make Your Beard Grow Faster

Conde Nast Holiday
By Male Standard
5 Ways to Make Your Beard Grow Faster
Did you know the beard is a historical emblem of power? That’s why influential men sport this style. From Abraham Lincoln, Chuck Norris, to ZZ Top, even Santa and Jesus know how to rock a good, thick beard. It doesn’t matter if you can’t grow super long facial hair, you can make sure that the hair you grow is healthy and growing at its own max capacity. The biggest mistake men make is focusing on the belief that they cannot grow a beard at all, which is extremely rare. 
Growing a beard can be one of life’s secret joys; even a token accomplishment. Not all men find it easy to grow plums of facial hair, but there are a few things you can do to help. While the rate and thickness of growth you produce will be dependent on your age and genetics, one thing all men lack is patience. This is how many men come to ask for advice on how to make your beard grow faster, as no one enjoys the itchy, fuzzy growing in phase. 
So, if you are looking to get into the beard scene, Male Standard has a few tips to share to help you look and feel like a pro in no time!

The beautiful oasis in the Sahara desert - Ubari Lakes

Ubari Lakes in the Libyan part of the Sahara desert on the right are among the most beautiful oasis in the world. The largest of these is Lake Umm Al-Maa, which means "Mother of Waters." The water in it is very salty - concentration can be compared with the water of the Dead Sea. Uniqueness lake also consists in the fact that the lower layers is always very hot water, the temperature sometimes reaches to 100 degrees, and wherein the upper layers are cold. Ubari Lakes - a group of about 20 lakes of the landscape of high dunes and palm trees. To achieve these lakes, tourists usually go to Tkerkiba where excellent camping functions to explore the lake. Depth of the lakes, according to the Libyan Central diving varies from seven meters deep (as in Gabrun) up to 32 meters deep (Ain al-Dibbanah about Ghadames). Some of these lakes are drying up due to drought slowly and artificial drainage. Among the most picturesque lakes Gaberun and Umm al-Maa. Also there are two more beautiful lakes that are rarely visited by tourists. This Umm al-Hisan and Oum El Hassan north Gaberuna.

Ubari Lakes | The beautiful oasis in the Sahara desert
Image credit virgntn2011

Recent archaeological research has shown the existence of several freshwater lakes in ancient Fezzan, Libya. Some of these lakes were located in the southern regions of the country. Archaeological finds from the area include dark layers of organic matter, shells, axes and other Paleolithic and Neolithic tools and implements, testifying that ancient human activities in Fezzan. These lakes were part of a large network of lakes, including the legendary Tritonis nearby Lake and Lake Chad. The exact dating of the lakes are still not confirmed, but the current study showed that they disappeared about 3,000 years ago. Findings also suggest that the impressive dunes Ubari at least 100,000 years. Numerous lakes covered the eastern and southern regions, and some of them still exist today. The current lake Ubari situated in a little oasis, and represent the remnants of a once great aquatic ecosystem. 

SPECTRE - Bond next movie

Spectre   the Next  twenty-fourth James Bond film produced by Eon Productions. It will be the second film in the series directed by Sam Mendes and will feature Daniel Craig in his fourth performance as James Bond and Christoph Waltz as Franz Oberhauser
Screenplay by  Neal Purvis, Robert Wade , John Logan
Movie Based on :James bond
Date of Released: 6 November 2015

Official Website:

The new Bond film will be called "Spectre", the makers of the upcoming spy movie have confirmed, and will star "Inglorious Basterds" baddie Christoph Waltz, Dave Bautista as "Mr Hinx" and Monica Bellucci, alongside returning stars Daniel Craig, Naomi Harris and Ben Whishaw.
"Spectre" will be the 24th film in the hugely popular franchise, which follows the action-packed adventures of British MI6 agent James Bond, the rakish spy who over the years has been portrayed by the likes of Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and current star Craig. In keeping with tradition, the 24th entry is certain to feature fast cars, snappy suits, lethal gadgets and steamy romance.

Top 10 Searches of 2014

No. 10: Jennifer Aniston

No. 10: Jennifer Aniston

Is she pregnant? Is she still engaged? Is she taking confidence lessons so she can face her ex? And what about that fishtail braid? The fan following for Hollywood’s favorite divorcee went into high gear with fervent rumors of the 45-year-old actress’s pregnancy and possible wedding dates. After many high-profile romances , fans have been antsy that her two-year engagement with “Wanderlust” co-star Justin Theroux won’t end with a walk down the aisle. In a year when high-profile couples like George Clooney and human-rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin and, of course, her ex Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie pulled off covert ceremonies, Aniston has remained mum even to pals like Ellen, who
couldn’t help but try to pry a wedding date from her. And the woman whose haircuts could control mass migrations into salons still rules as a style icon: Witness the Instagram triumph when her hairstylist Chris McMillan gushed over her fishtail braid.

Amazing Chair Exercises

8 Amazing Chair Exercises to Firm Up Anywhere

Porsche $310,000 Panamera

Porsche Sells Out of $310,000 Panamera Exclusive in 48 Hours

Not long ago, Porsche debuted its limited-run Panamera Exclusive Series at the LA Auto show – 100 specially minted cars that offer the best of what Porsche can cram into a luxury five-door. But at an astounding $310,000 a pop, they don’t exactly come cheap.Regardless, the entire lot recently went up for sale. In the span of 48 hours all the limited edition cars were accounted for, reportedly a shock even to Porsche’s top dogs. And now a new report from Autocar suggests that Porsche will give it another try … perhaps with different models.
porsche panamera exclusive photo
Speaking with the British outlet at the LA Auto Show, Porsche chief of research and development Wolfgang Hatz commented, “I wish we’d offered more cars for sale; the response has been incredible.” Hatz noted that the Exclusive Series tested the waters of both consumer interest and the abilities of Porsche’s suppliers. “I’m sure we will do more in the future.”

10 morning habits of successful people

Up and at ‘em! Morning people are successful people. Just ask any CEO, politician, professional athlete or inventor out there – they all start their day at the crack of dawn, gaining a leg up on the competition. Create a routine and stick with it. Studies prove that willpower is the strongest in the morning before exhaustion and other priorities get in your way. Adopt a morning ritual and you will start to see BIG results. So hold off hitting that snooze button and read up on some tips to guarantee a more productive future!
1. Get Up An Hour Early:
There is a 25th hour in the day. You've just been sleeping through it. Getting up an hour earlier is going to take time to adjust to, but once you make it a habit, you will never look back. Research has shown, not only are early risers more optimistic and conscientious, they also anticipate problems and minimize them more efficiently.  Which of course is crucial to success in the business world.
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World’s Tallest Water Slide

Verrückt, The World’s Tallest Water Slide

Verrückt or "our way"  — The Kansas City Schlitterbahn Water-park have unveiled the height of it latest water-slide Verrückt, as 168 feet 7 inches. This sets a new world record for the tallest water-slide in the world, a claim verified by Guinness World Record judge on site. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and Kansas City, Kansas Mayor Mark Holland, along with other Kansas City VIPs, were present to celebrate Kansas City’s latest claim to fame – the Verrückt.  Ride innovator and Verrückt builder Jeff Henry was joined by Schlitterbahn Waterpark fellow founding family members, Gary Henry, and Jana Faber at the height unveiling. The build of Verrückt is featured in Travel Channel’s  one-hour season premiere of its popular original series “Xtreme Waterparks,” which airs  on Sunday, June 29 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. This special features never-before-seen footage of what went into the creation of the slide – including behind-the-scenes fabrication, the testing of the ride and the very first time any human being took the plunge down!

Verrückt, The World’s Tallest Water Slide
Image credit The verruckt

Ever since photos of the insane slide leaked out and videos went viral at the end of 2013, Verrückt’s height has been the subject of much speculation. Taller than Niagara Falls (167 feet tall) and the world’s second tallest waterslide, Kilimanjaro (164 feet tall), Verrückt is not a body slide – it’s a raft slide and features a nearly 17-story drop and a five story uphill section. The combined drops are over 200 feet. Fittingly, Verrückt is the German word for “insane.” Source — Schlitterbahnnews | The verruckt

Verrückt, The World’s Tallest Water Slide
Image credit MES Photography

Verrückt, The World’s Tallest Water Slide
Image credit Lovemoneyclothes

Satirical Illustration Art

Polish artist Paul Kuczynski creates amazing drawings on the life of modern society and make us to think abut many things. What is man? What is our society? Where we are going? What we are doing? these and many other questions are asked in his works. His multi-faceted and interesting illustrations on the topic and according to many reflects that essence of what is happening around us. The artist explores the internal contradiction of important issues - was and peace, the environment, poverty and violence. Kuchzynski has its own corporate identity that distinguishes his work from the work of other artists. As acknowledged by the author, he think in his every picture and tries to say many things.  But we forget many things in this fast life, and don't want to think about it, Artist Paul Kuczynski is trying show these problems with help of his artwork, without using any word.

Multifaceted and interesting illustrations by Paul Kuczynski

Multifaceted and interesting illustrations by Paul Kuczynski

Multi-faceted and interesting illustrations by Paul Kuczynski

Mammoth tusks in Siberia

Extraction of Mammoth tusks in Siberia

About 10 thousand years ago, northern Siberia was inhabited by shaggy giants, called mammoths. Now extinct genus of mammals affected by the rise in temperature at the end of the last Ice Age and Ancient hunters killed woolly mammoths for their meat, which resulted in their habitat was flooded and reduced. Animals caught in limbo on an isolated island, where there was not the slightest chance to return to the mainland. Some populations, sharpened on these land areas to the east and north of Siberia, delayed and became extinct about 3,700 years ago.

Extraction of Mammoth tusks in Siberia
The remains of mammoths, in particular their tusks to date status are the most common fossils in the Siberian lands. Scientists estimate that the reserves of this ancient material in Russia reach hundreds of thousands of tons, and annual production is several tens (20-60) tons. Given the volume of produced relics, one can only imagine what a big number of mammoths lived on these lands in those days. Known tusks, champions curled in spirals on 4-4.5 meters, their weight was equal to 100-110 kg and diameter - 18-19 cm. Photographs by Evgenia

The Kissing Flower

Psychotria Elata — Nature never ceases to amaze with us their imagination and embodied consequences. These gorgeous pair of red luscious lips belongs unusual plant know as Psychotria Elata, Lips Hooker or Psychotria Sublime, but there is another, more mundane - Shlyuhiny sponge. This tropical plant can be found in the rain forests of Central and South America countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador. The flower of this plant is unique and attractive because its petals resemble human lips. The Kissable Flower but more often called "hot lips", "Flower-lips" or "Hooker's lips". The plant has acquired a form evolving in order to attract their views more pollinators, hummingbirds and butterflies. Unfortunately, the plant is on the verge of extinction due to uncontrolled deforestation in these countries.

Psychotria Elata or Flower Lips | The Kissable Flower
Image credit Jailyn Mayrant

Psychotria Elata or Flower Lips | The Kissable Flower
Image credit LuckyEyes Photography

Psychotira Elata or Pyschotira Poeppigiana is one of about hundred species psihotry, read flower which resemble glamorous lips beauty. Bright flowers of this plant are particularly attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies, which are involved in the process of pollination. So bright and unusual bracts of the plant not a whim of Mother Nature, as necessary fro the survival of camouflage, which provides for butterflies and hummingbirds exactly the same effect as a red rage to a bull. Genus Psychotira is the largest in the family Rubiacae and fouth largest family. It has about 1700 species. This plant blooms several times a year, and found in the woods, in fact very difficult, but the bright red color will definitely draw attention to themselves. 

Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall or Berliner Mauer, which was the official border between the German Democratic Republic "GDR" and West Berlin wall began to build in August 13, 1961 at the height of cold War. Concrete fence height of more than three meters, surrounded with barbed wire, slowness in one hundred sixty kilometers, was not just a border between two parts of the German powers, it overnight, thousands of families divided almost thirty years. The existence of the wall while trying to escape 75 thousand people were detained and convicted, and thousand are shoot on the spot included children. On November 9th, 1989 as a result of popular uprising border with West Germany and East Germany was opened, the Berlin wall has become no longer needed,  and in 1990 it was finally demolished. It become a universal event, for German families reunification, the city and the whole country spoke all corners of the world. Currently the length of the wall is 43 kilometers, which the German artist decorated eloquent graffiti.

Berlin Wall | Berliner Mauer, Germany
Image credit guidowerner

Berlin Wall | Berliner Mauer, Germany
Image credit linda nihan

Aerial Photography By Kacper Kowalski

Kacper Kowalski — The 2009 World Press Photo Award winner, was born in 1977 in Gdansk, Poland. With a degree in architecture, as a photographer he specializes in aerial photography. Both a pilot and a photographers, he has unique control over each shot. As a result, he is able to capture perniciously unseen natural environments and ordinarily inaccessible cityscapes. For his photographs Kacper kowalski has received numerous awards and honorable mentions, including the World Press Photo award, Nikon 75th Anniversary Award, International Photography Awards (IPA), Sony worlds Photography awards, Picture of the Year International (POYI) Leica Oskare Barnack Award. Kowalski magnificent pictures show the geographical beauty as it changes through the year.

Kacper Kowalski’s Aerial Photography

Kacper Kowalski’s Aerial Photography

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