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A few weeks ago driving back to work after our lunch soccer game I spotted a flat black 1969 Mustang waiting on a red light. But there was something different about this car. Unlike other cars on the road this one was rocking a large number 47 on its side door, a full roll cage was clearly visible inside, wide tires, slick dark rims, large calipers, everything about this car meant business. When the light turned green the engine growl did not disappoint. In short, this is the car Steve McQueen would drive today.
Later that weekend I happen to spot that same Mustang in a vintage car magazine ad, and it had a name, The Harbinger. The ad was for a Carlsbad based after market parts manufacturer for Mustangs called AGENT 47. The following Monday I told my work buddies about it. Given that AGENT 47 is just a few blocks away from work we decided to swing by to check it out that same day.

AGENT 47 began as an after market accessories manufacturer for Mustangs. Its parent company Forecast 3D is one of the most successful product development companies in the U.S. today. AGENT 47 came to be under the leadership of Forecast 3D founder Corey Weber, a man with a passion for design and motor sports. In 2006, his rookie year as a race car driver Mr. Weber achieved a respectable 2nd place at NASA’s American Iron Race series. Mr. Weber was also the man behind the wheel of the Harbinger the 1st time I saw it.

We did not get to speak to Mr. Weber when we visited, but did speak to Mr. Brian Rogers, a leading member of the AGENT 47 Racing Team, a video producer, and one of the few lucky gentlemen who gets to be behind the wheel of this car. We asked Bryan a million questions and he was kind enough to allow us a closer look at the car.
The Harbinger is no ordinary Mustang. It’s purpose is to be a modern day vintage Trans-Am car. If they could have used today’s technology back in the days of the original Trans-Am series, Harbinger would be the end result. Every mechanical component of the Harbinger has been built or modified for optimal performance. AGENT 47 sells the Harbinger as a rolling chassis. With so many engine and transmission choices available for many different needs, AGENT 47 simply leaves these to be specified by the customer.AGENT 47 will produced only 250 examples of this car at a starting price of $59,500.
Here are some of the specs I inquired about:
Chassis and Suspension
Chassis and suspension designed by Bill Osborne.
This suspension design is based on the one used at NASA’s American Iron Race series, by AGENT 47.
Penske coil overs on all four corners.
Impressively stable and neutral vehicle.
The Body
50/50 front to rear weight distribution.
Brand new Dynacorn body, or body supplied by the customer.
Some body seams are strategically welded.
Craftsmen will remove non essential metal from the body amounting to nearly 100lbs of weight reduction.
Ducted hood reduces lift and drag.
A high temp urethane for headlight and taillight buckets reduce weight by 22lbs.
Integrated cooling scoops in Chin Splitter.
4 piston AP Racing calipers front and back, 14″ rotors front and 13″ rotors back.
Wheels, Rims and Tires
Designed by Agent 47 in collaboration with Forgeline.
Light and strong.
The tires are Toyo RA1′s and Hoosier R6′s.
Connection points land on very structural areas of chassis.
No weak “cage mounting to floorpan”.
Cage designed to increase rigidity of the chassis.
Non obstructive interior tubing designed to accommodate driver and passenger comfortably and allow for maximum visibility.
Designed with 50/50 weight distribution goal in mind.
Door panels, center console, door sills, shock boots and arm rests built with state of the art manufacturing technology.
Optional custom vintage racing seats are very light weight and supportive.

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