One scarf, and five different fashionable ways

One scarf, and five different fashionable ways to tie it

How to tie a scarf
As fall kicks into full gear, it’s all about layering and adding playful accessories to the mix, especially when coats are the shell to every outfit. Scarves are the most wearable accessory and sure way to change up a look, and even though there are realistically just a few techniques I actually end up incorporating into my outfits when I decide to wear one, I love adding new ones to the mix. Here are just a few of them mixed into some old favorites.

LOOSE ENDS. I especially love pairing this style with my leather jackets and some light layers. A great way to bundle up on a chilly fall day.
To get the look -- 1) Drape the scarf around the neck, letting one end extend longer. 2) Wrap the long end of the scarf twice around the neck. 3) Finish off by tucking the end into the wrap, pulling the end out from the bottom. 4) Secure the scarf by tying a single-knot, then adjusting and concealing the knot.
LOOPER. I have a few scarves in my closet that are pre-tied this way, but if you're looking for something a little different -- whether that be pattern or texture -- this is a simple way to change things up.
To get the look, tie a knot where the ends of the scarf meet. Then cross the scarves, to form an 8. Lastly, loop the top circle over your head to finish. **Make sure to tuck in the knot in the back

THE TWIST & TIE. This is a simple chunky look to add dimension to an outfit, and great under more structured jackets.
To get the look -- 1) Cross and wrap the scarf around the neck. 2) Tie the two loose ends. 3) To finish, just fluff up the scarf and tuck the loose ends inside your coat or jacket.
THE CLASSIC EUROPEAN. Also known as the slip knot, this technique is my favorite, and the one I use most often, especially when I'm adding a scarf to my outfits last minute.
To get the the look, simply create a slip knot around the neck by creating at the half-fold of the scarf. Then, pull the loose ends through the loop. Tighten and adjust the scarf to personal preference.
THE RELAXED TIE. If you’re someone who loves tying a look together with a scarf, this technique is great to incorporate into just about any outfit. Whether you’re wearing a fitted peacoat or an oversized boyfriend coat, this is an easy way to add a finishing touch.
To achieve this, simple drape the scarf evenly around the neck. Tie a loose knot, keeping the center open, on one side of the scarf. Then, thread the other end through the loop before pulling it through. Lastly, adjust the scarf by gently pulling the shorter end, evening out both ends.

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