Strange Inventions

Today we offer you to choose from a selection of strange inventions are those that may be useful to you in your life.
 1. Oil stick. The idea for the type of glue stick. To make a sandwich, put a thin layer of butter on the bread.
2. Cup of ice cream with a motor. Thanks to a motor, spinning ball of ice cream and does not have time to melt races, until you eat.
3. Tricycles shoes is useful for those who are just beginning to master walking on heels temple and is afraid of losing balance.

4. Caps for handles in the form of spoons, forks and knives. Invention for office workaholics.
5. Glass toaster. With this device, you will not miss a moment when the bread runs the risk of burn.
6. Jeans with a pocket for a mobile phone. The pocket has a transparent lid. In order to see the time or check the message you will not have to pull the phone out of his pocket.
7. Portable tank. Invention for those who do not want to part with their fish for long.
8. Candles for the cake in the form of cutlery.
9. Suit for a baby with a doormat. Align leisure got into this baby and cleaning the house.
10. Sweater for apple.
11. Sneaker broom and dustpan. For lovers of purity.
12. To save space – stairs with drawers for storage.
13. Napkins for messy Velcro.
14. Schroeder, in a hamster cage. Savings on sawdust.
15. Package with painted mold will come in handy if your sandwiches eaten regularly by your colleagues.
16. Square watermelon. Not rolled away.
16. Square watermelon. Not rolled away.
17. Bench-shifter. After the rain, turn the inside of the bench and rest in the park.18. The invention, which allows you to enjoy the food, not afraid to slap clothes and hair.
19. Handle for beer cans.
20. Two-way tube of toothpaste.

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