Mind Blowing Trucks

Truck Lust: 50 Mind-Blowing Rigs (Pics)
Trucks, 4×4, offroading. This is what makes any man’s blood boil. Times when hauling cargo was the major reason for people to buy a pickup truck or a large car have gone. Now, full-sizers are often a subject of sports, hobby, and even art (though, you’d better stick to the “hauling cargo” reason when begging your wifey about a rig).
Even though I don’t own a truck (at least yet), I’ve always enjoyed big rigs, and today I made up a photo collection of some really sick trucks. In addition to monster lifted pickups and extreme SUVs, I found several rig photos that are extreme in a completely different way. What do I mean? Scroll down to learn!

Big and extremely cool

Extremely… Out-of-the-box!

Image courtesy Ravensbo
Feel inspired?
If you feel like adding some spice to your rig, remember that CARiD is always there with a huge list of truck and SUV accessories at your service. Here are some suggestions for you to get started with your Big Wheel customization:

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