Dogs That Really Deserve an Apology

1. This one that clearly didn’t want to be a sandcastle:
2. And this one that didn’t want to be a school bus:
3. This guy for getting hustled at the poker table:
4. And poor Max for getting “taken out”:
5. This poor pooch that just found out she’s on the way to the vet:
6. And this guy that just came from it:
7. This one is CLEARLY not a pillow:
8. This pug never wanted to be a fashion icon:
9. And this one wanted the blue hoodie, NOT the pink one:
10. This pom really wanted to go swimming, but had to stay home instead:
11. And this court jester just wants to be taken seriously for once:
12. This dog clearly wanted to be Han Solo:
13. And this one wanted to be Pocahontas:
14. This one because bath time is never fun:
15. And this one, because well, isn’t it obvious:
16. This Dalmatian because taking public transportation can be scary:
17. But not quite as scary as having to wear fake eyelashes:
18. This one got cheated out of his well-deserved treat:
19. And this one gets no sympathy from the cat:
20. This little guy didn’t like the car wash:
21. This one got left out in the rain:
22. And finally, this guy, whose day was just poopy all around:

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