Celebrity Dudes That Look Similar

Just when I thought I couldn't find any more pairs of creepy celeb lookalikes, I DID! I found a bunch more. I guess my obsessive internet addiction is good for something! Nothing important, but still! Here's 10 of the best!

Steve Carell and Alice Cooper

celebs that look similar steve carell alice cooper
Okay, I will never be able to look at Alice Cooper again without thinking it's Steve Carell playing an aging rocker who just needs to give it up. I guess that's actually better than what I think when I see Alice Cooper now. I kid, I kid...please don't like rip my pet chicken to pieces. I kid, I kid...but please seriously...don't.

Jai Courtney and Phillips Phillips

celebs that look similar phil phillips jai courtney
Does one of the lesser American Idol winners count as a celebrity? Because he looks exactly like actor Jai Courtney, so I'm counting him. Also it gives me an opportunity to finally say on a large scale WTF!? WHO NAMES THEIR KID, PHILLIP PHILLIPS!?! It's like the exact opposite of clever.

Zachary Quinto and Eli Roth

celebs that look similar zach quinto eli roth
Quinto is like the hot actor version of Eli Roth. Another thing they have in common? Excelling at the creepy. And I'm guessing they go to the same eyebrow shaping artist?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem

celebs that look similar jeffry morgan javier bardem
Damn. DAYUM. Now I want to see a buddy movie featuring The Comedian and Anton Chigurh. Way better than anything related to Nicholas Sparks! I should totally be in charge of Hollywood. 

Seth MacFarlane and Chris Knight

celebs that look similar seth macfarlane chris knight
OMG. For real??  There's your future Seth. Peter Effing Brady.  I highly recommend laying off the pancake makeup though when you get there. Actually with all of your dough, nothing else will matter. Enjoy your life, you lucky SOB.

Matthew Morrison and Justin Timberlake

celebs that look similar timberlake morrison
Matthew Morrison wishes he had Justin Timberlake's street cred, amirite?  Then maybe we all wouldn't laugh our asses off everytime he attempts to rap. Not that I watch Glee...well okay sometimes I do when I'm bored and full of self-loathing. So like all the time I guess.

Jason Bateman and Liev Schrieber

celebs that look similar jason bateman live
I'd totally be down for Liev making an appearance on the Arrested Development reboot as a long lost Bluth. Am I the only one afraid that the reboot is gonna be hugely disappointing? Things just never go my way, so I don't wanna get my hopes up. Maybe I need to see an ANALRAPIST.

Eric Dane and Leonardo DiCaprio

celebs that look similar eric dane leo dicaprio
Grey's Anatomy's McSteamy is a dead ringer for Leo! Plus they both are into models, something they have in common with every other male on the planet, only they actually aren't just fapping to their pics.

Matthew Bellamy and Peter Facinelli

celebs that look similar facinelli bellamy
The lead singer of Muse and lead Cullen from Twilight. That's all I have to say, because I've made every Twilight joke a million times and I don't have a Muse joke. Does anyone have a Muse joke?

Robocop and Vladmir Putin

celebs that look similar robocop putin
Okay, seriously? Vladmir Putin is ROBOCOP! Cancel the remake you have in the can

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