Whatever your feelings about the humble fist bump, be it panic when expecting a handshake or derision at the hipster's favourite way of greeting, it could be the new way to open your front door.
Not through a combination of super-strength and an infinite supply of doors, but through what could be the next step in wearable technology, the new trend that's covering everything from fitness to reminding you to buy the milk.
A new NFC ring, from inventor John McClear, a slim-line dual sided device that slots neatly on your finger and uses contactless technology that can communicate with other NFC enabled devices to help automate everyday tasks that we hold not so dear.
NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has been bubbling away for a few years now, but while included as standard in most phones and tablets, it has limited usability and few have come up with ideas to utilise it as a tool for data transmission.
Contactless payments are on the rise thought, and even though most of the card providers don't use NFC, the concept of easy wireless transfer is forcing its way into our everyday lives.
So with the landscape begging for something to catalyse it into action, could the NFC ring be the contactless saviour? The new device can unlock phones, pass on digital business cards, give Wi-Fi passwords to friends, start a car, hold your bitcoin address and most interestingly, unlock doors.
TechRadar was luckily to get its hands on the NFC ring, so we decided to find out the answers to the obvious questions as soon as you pick up a novel concept such as this.

Is it really just a ring?