National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest
Now in its 25th year, the National Geographic Travel Photo Contest inspires lush and evocative images from around the globe. See some examples of the entrants from 2013 -- the photo captions are written by the photographers. The contest is still going on, and entries will be accepted through June 30.

01_Mr. Huang Yue Chuang
Mr. Huang Yue Chuang (Photo and caption by Andrey Pavlov/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest) This photo was taken on the bank of Li-River close to Xingping fishing village. Mr. Huang and his four brothers are from the last fishermen that still keep the tradition of fishing using specially trained cormorants. In recent days, this ancient technique has transformed into a tourist attraction and a source of income for Mr. Huang, who desperately needs funds for buying medicines for his sick wife.

02_Boy Monk with Gun
Boy monk with gun (Photo and caption by Joyce Le Mesurier/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest) At the annual Ananda Harvest Festival in Bagan, Myanmar, thousands of monks from all over Myanmar came to receive alms. While walking around the vast temple grounds, I chanced upon this boy monk who was playing with his toy gun. Even though it was only a toy gun, I found this image a disturbing juxtaposition of the peace that Buddhism embodies and the violence that guns symbolise.

03_Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now? (Photo and caption by Chet Stein/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest) An unexpected mix of the modern world with the traditional world

04_Children of Kibera
Children of Kibera (Photo and caption by Cynthia MacDonald/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest) Kibera is located just outside of Nairobi and is the largest slum in Africa with over a million people. It is built on piles and piles of garbage which is painfully obvious while walking the streets

05_enjoying the Holi festival
Enjoying the Holi festival (Photo and caption by manna michela/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest) This picture has been taken during the Holi festival in India

Explosion (Photo and caption by Stylianos Papardelas/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest) Children playing in the backstreets of old Varanasi. An explosion of colors, smiles and energy

Fishing (Photo and caption by Cynthia MacDonald/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest) A father and daughter with a fish in the net at sunset on Inle Lake, Myanmar

08_Happily Captured
Happily Captured
(Photo and caption by Michael Siy/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest) Exploring Sa Pa village their way of living, their traditional colorful clothing, i was able to capture this three H'Mong kids playing outside their house

09_Lavender Fields Forever
Lavender Fields Forever (Photo and caption by Jennifer Holmes Beamer/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest) While traveling through Tasmania, we took a detour to find this spectacular lavender field. After a soothing meander among endless fields of fragrant lavender we were ready for a nap in the red soil

10_Left or right?
Left or right? (Photo and caption by Thomas Pieters/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest) I was taking some shots on the beach of Taghazout, Morocco, when this little guy came up to me asking in what hand he was holding a coin. After playing along I asked if I could take his picture

11_Thirteen in a dozen
Thirteen in a dozen (Photo and caption by Frieda Vanhee/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest) On a gas station we met another car waiting for fuel

12_The Innocence of Love and Peace
The Innocence of Love and Peace (Photo and caption by Kim Hino/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest) The children in the remote villa of Kong Lo in Laos were simply beautiful in the innocence of their smiles and curiousity for these strangers among them, that after playing about in a pile of hay, they were even more comfortable in front of the camera and their true spirit in what I experienced in the simplicity that they enjoyed around them and shared with me came through. The symbolism in there chosen pose here speak volumes to me. to learn

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