Weird Mouse

Weird Tech 5: Mad Mice

Summary: We hold some strange objects in our hands when we are at our PC. Here's a selection of sleek, non-squeak mice for geeks.

Cursor mouse

Credit: Like Cool

Lamborghini mouse

Credit: Errand Shop

Microsoft mouse

Credit: Matome

Chocolate mouse

Credit: Zakkaya

Steampunk mouse

Wireless mouse.

Aston Martin mouse

Credit: Fab

R.A.T. Gaming mouse

Credit: ebay

Hidden Gamepad mouse

Credit: Geek Alerts

Hello kitty mouse

Credit: Ali Express

Oppopet mouse

Credit: Designboom

80's retro mouse

USB optical mouse
Credit: Think Geek

Relax Bear mouse

Credit: Svpply

Spider mouse

A real spider embedded in acrylic. Glows in the dark
Credit: Amazon

Male torso mouse

Credit: Amazon

Wood and metal mouse

Credit: Slava Saakyan

Steampunk mouse

Credit: Gadget Sin

Golden Turtle mouse

Credit: Ankaka

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