Tiny Knitted And Crocheted

20 Unbelievably Tiny Knitted And Crocheted Things

Warning: Your whole entire heart is about to explode. Sorry.

1. Miniature Sweaters

Miniature Sweaters
Just imagine the thing small enough to wear one of these. Now stop, you’ll hurt yourself.

2. Tiny Penguins

Tiny Penguins
These next few amigurumi (little crocheted stuffed toys) are all by the incredible Su Ami and available in her Etsy shop.

More after the Break.....

3. Eensy Goat

Eensy Goat

4. Teensy Piglets

Teensy Piglets

5. Baby Owl

Baby Owl

6. Wee Totoro

Wee Totoro

7. Little Kiwi Bird and Even Littler Egg

Little Kiwi Bird and Even Littler Egg

8. Miniscule Snail

Miniscule Snail

9. Diminutive Radish

Diminutive Radish
And these next few are from Mochi Mochi Land. The site is run by the incredibleAnna Hrachovec, and nearly all of these patterns can be found in one of her manybooks and kits.

10. Microscopic Snowmen

Microscopic Snowmen

11. Petite Pumpkins

Petite Pumpkins

12. Pint-Sized Gnomes

Pint-Sized Gnomes

13. Itty-Bitty Pills

Itty-Bitty Pills
Whatever makes you happy.

14. Weeny Weenie

Weeny Weenie

15. Small Woody Allen

Small Woody Allen

16. Infinitesimal Carrot

Infinitesimal Carrot

17. Bitsy Dr. Who Characters

Bitsy Dr. Who Characters

18. Lilliputian Cavepeople

20 Unbelievably Tiny Knitted And Crocheted Things
Using only this GIF to express all my feelings from now on.

19. Bite-Size Sumo Wrestler

Bite-Size Sumo Wrestler

20. Meta and Mini Knitting Basket

Meta and Mini Knitting Basket
Available to buy here.


  1. addy

    realli! what color/print u choose! curious to know!!!! so many choices T_T i took so long to decide..

    and i agree, they look so yummy can wear outside too! but but.. i will wear for pajama party hehehehee..

  2. I like this collection, it is creative and there are new breakthroughs. I think it will suit many people.

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