Porsche 918 Spyder 2015

The Porsche has introduced the 918 Spyder which is a sports car which has a powerful hybrid mode and is highly efficient. To sum it up, its a plug-in hybrid sports car with maximum driving fun with the minimum fuel consumption.

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The Porsche 918 Spyder combines pedigree motor racing technology with excellent everyday utility, and maximum performance with minimum consumption

Its a race ready car that an 'E-Power' mode, 'Hybrid' mode, 'Sport Hybrid' mode, 'Race Hybrid' mode and a 'Sport' mode

It is equipped with a 4.6-liter, eight cylinder engine that produces 617PS of power and can deliver engine speeds of up to 9,150 rpm

It has been provided with very lightweight magnesium wheels

Its layout is automatically varied over three modes ranging from optimal efficiency to maximum downforce and is tuned to the operating modes of the hybrid drive system

In race mode the retractable wing extends to a steeper angle and the spoiler positioned between the two wing supports near the trailing edge of the airflow also extends

Its design is complemented by additional systems such as the PASM adaptive shock-absorber system and rear-axle steering

The driver is the focus of all technology in the 918 Spyder and its cockpit is created for the driver that is typical of the brand and pioneering in its clarity

The cockpit is partitioned into two basic areas - firstly the controls that are important for driving which are on the steering and display and secondly the infotainment block that is housed in the lifted center console

The multi function steering wheel has all the driving controls and the driver information is displayed on three large round instruments

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