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Stricken boy’s dream comes true, thanks to clever photographer

Luka,12, has muscular dystrophy, but photos show him enjoying various activities
kid skateboard
Luka, 12, can’t ride a skateboard, go diving, shoot a basketball, stand on one hand while dancing, or even climb a set of stairs, but he can certainly picture himself doing these things, thanks to a clever photographer in Slovenia who made a dream come true.
Luka is stricken with muscular dystrophy and is unable to do the most basic tasks of everyday life, such as washing, dressing, and eating. From his wheelchair, he can only dream of playing sports or participating in other outdoor activities.
“The only thing he is physically capable of are tiny, yet extremely weak movements with his fingers,” award-winning amateur photographer Matej Peljhan, who is a psychologist at Luka’s school, told Huffington Post.
But Luka’s imagination is very much alive, and it prompted him to ask Peljhan if there was a way to put him into photos that show him doing different activities. Luka dreamed of seeing himself skateboarding, diving, playing basketball, and dancing.
So Peljhan put his own imagination to work.
After dismissing Photoshop as a possibility, Peljhan came up with the idea of posing Luka in various positions on a white sheet on the ground, creating scenes around him, and taking photos from above, photos that make it look as if Luka is in motion.
The result is a photo gallery called “The Little Prince.”
Clearly, Luka can now see himself riding a skateboard, diving, shooting a basketball, dancing, and climbing stairs.

kid swimming
kid basketball
kid stands on one hand
kid and balloon
kid climbing stairs

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