HTC One: Unique Features

We bring to you some unique features and specifications of the HTC One with our take on the brand new offering!


htc one
HTC unveiled their flagship phone the HTC One and boy, does the phone impress! We bring to you some unique features and specifications of the HTC One with our take on the brand new offering from the Taiwanese manufacturer’s house.

Slim and Sleek

htc one
HTC One comes in a slim and sleek form, with a metal body. The form does resemble the sleekness and comfort of the iPhone but the unique HTC branding sets it apart too. The slim and sleek factor is definitely a winner for the HTC One.


htc one

The first thing that hits you when you see the phone are the dual speakers. There are 2 speakers positioned on the front panel of the phone, one at the top and one at the bottom. Stereo Surround sound couldn’t get better on a phone. The speakers feature HTC BoomSound design.


htc one

HTC One comes with a 4 MP camera. Disappointed? Don’t be. The camera is not 4 MP but 4 UP or 4 Ultra Pixels which pack 300 times the light capturing power of ordinary megapixel cameras. Who needs 13 MP when you can now get ultrapixels on a phone?

Sense UI

htc one
HTC One comes with the latest version of Android Jelly Bean (anything lesser and we might have shunned the device) and the latest Sense UI. The Sense UI is cleaner and quicker. HTC has changed the entire look of Sense and it shows on the device.


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HTC’s new screen has been dubbed the BlinkFeed. It is a unique Microsoft Windows resembling look, with multiple media feeds right on the homescreen. The blocks are updated regularly with the latest news and happenings and the pictures are populated automatically. We really like this new feature!


htc one

No, this is not a feature of the phone but an external application. HTC has set up HTC Zoe for HTC One users where they can share their videos and media files online. It’s HTC’s own social networking platform.

Power and Battery

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The phone is powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600, quad core 1.7 GHz processor. The RAM is more than generous at 2 GB. Multi-tasking will be a breeze with the new HTC One. The battery too is an improvement over earlier versions at 2300 mAh.


htc one

The phone packs everything from the basic Bluetooth to LTE and NFC.


htc one

The one thing that slightly disappointed us was the absence of a memory card slot. However, the internal storage options provided more than make up for the absence. The phone will be available in 32 GB and 64 GB capacities.

Will it work?

htc one
The smartphone market is dominated by Apple and Samsung and HTC is slowly losing out. Despite brilliant offerings and unique innovations, the brand is losing out on their market share due to lack of visibility. HTC definitely have a winner with HTC One but the world needs to know it too and HTC, we think, now needs to focus on marketing. Also, the pricing and availability will matter. Come March, we hope HTC can shake the smart-phone market with their HTC One. Will the One rise to Number One position? We hope so!

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