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Top 5: Weird Facebook Cases

We’ve heard of Facebook bringing lovers together, aiding robbers, helping police and generally doing good deeds all around. Check out some weird scenarios which happened over Facebook this week.


Missing Teenager Re-united     with Parents over Facebook

A missing teenager in Brisbane who was diabetic has been reunited with parents with the help of Facebook. Daniels who went missing after reportedly going to board a train to meet friends had no phone and very little cash on him. His parents used Facebook to spread awareness about him going missing and luckily, he was soon found!


Man Tries to Sell Old Stuff on Facebook, Gets Fired from Job

nike shoes
A salesman at a Nike store in UK has been fired over selling of sports shoes on Facebook. Daniel Jones, the salesperson, apparently posted he would like to sell 5 pairs of trainers on the site after being ordered by his mom to clear out his wardrobe! He had been working at Nike for 3 and half years and had collected the shoes during his tenure. Daniel stated the five shoes were approximately priced at a collective 200 pounds. Daniel who was sacked but allowed a hearing denies any misconduct.


Police Contact Dead Child’s Parents Using Facebook

cop using facebook
Cops at Clayton County in USA contacted the mother of deceased 30-year-old Ricky Lamb using the social networking site. The cops could not reach the mother using traditional means and had to finally resort to a drastic measure as sending Facebook message to notify her. The message however got buried under the ‘Other Inbox’ and took Lamb’s mom over a month to check the message, post which she thought it’s a joke and did not pay heed! However, eventually, she did contact the number listed in the message and got the heart-wrenching news.


104 Year Old Cannot Mention True Age on Facebook

facebook about
This is one very strange case where if you are over 99, Facebook does not accept you! Marguerite Joseph, a 104 year old lady is forced to lie about her age on Facebook. Every time she sets her age to birth-year 1908, Facebook changes it to 1928! Facebook has made Marguerite an evergreen 99 year old! Facebook did accept the flaw and apologized to Marguerite. Facebook admitted to there being a flaw in the system, which did not let users, post a birth year before 1910. Move over Philosopher’s Stone, we now have Facebook!


Mom Barred From Spamming Kids Facebook Page

parents facebook
Oh yes, it is truly the internet era! A child’s worst fear is no longer bumping into parents while bunking college but bumping into parents on Facebook! Melany, mother of 3 kids admitted in a strange court hearing that she abused the social networking giant’s reach to trouble her oldest child. No sound was heard as the mother spewed her anger on the child’s (name withheld) Facebook Page! The mother was not repentant over her act and claimed she wanted the world to know how ‘stupid’ her child was! The sole custody of these kids has been handed over to the father. To make matters more interesting, the abused child is no more than 10, 3 years below Facebook’s age limit!

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