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Unveiled - the mobile phone with a battery that lasts 15 years

The affordable mobile that runs on a single, AA battery and is built as a 'spare' phone for emergencies - it can even call emergency services without a SIM card.

By Rob Waugh | Yahoo! News 
This phone uses a AA battery to make calls when the power goes out.
In a world of battery-hungry phones such as iPhones and Androids, the Spare One Plus sticks out - its makers claim it lasts for 15 years.

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The affordable mobile that runs on a single, AA battery and is built as a 'spare' phone for emergencies - it can even call emergency services without a SIM card.

Designed as a back-up phone you can carry without worrying if it’s charged or not, the SpareOne is built to leave in the car for emergencies, or to pack in travel luggage – especially if you or your loved ones plan to go off the beaten track (or off-piste).

The simple numerical keypad is also ideal for older users who might only use a phone occasionally. 

The new version, Spare One Plus, has a GPS tracker which allows the user to be tracked by
emergency services - and can display its location on a paired iPhone

The Spare One can be pre-programmed for instant access to phone numbers of key contacts, including the relevant emergency services in any location.

That single battery offers a talk time of up to 10 hours.

The phone’s developer, XPAL Power, says: “it’s essentially designed to make and receive the most important calls, no matter what”.

It even comes with the AA battery included.

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