Best Non-fiction books 2012

Top 10 Nonfiction Books of 2012

From the list of best-selling non-fiction books of 2012 formed an excellent program of self-improvement. Biography of Steve Jobs and Paul Durov inspire action and made to believe in success.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, teaches not only win, but also a decent play, and Vladimir Pozner - extract lessons from the situation and time to part with illusions. Ines de la Parisienne Fressanzh instills good taste and sense of style, and Japanese Masaru Ibuka explains how to develop a child's birthday talent, and assures us that genius - it's easy. Dmitry Bykov forms a circle reading for the near future and infects love of literature, Nikolai Starikov calls carefully and thoughtfully to history. A British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking arguments and at the same time just answering the big questions of life.

In general, all selected by readers of the book sets the correct motion vector, as it should be good literature. Ranking the best-selling non-fiction books of the year is based on sales data of the largest Russian publishers.

01. Walter Isaacson. "Steve Jobs"
Release date: November 30, 2011

Sold 105 000 copies

Rating: 4th in the final ranking non-fiction book store, "Biblio-Globus»;  9th in summary (fiction + non-fiction) rating of year.

Journalist Walter Isaacson, a famous documentary book about Franklin and Einstein, his biographer Steve Jobs chose himself. Work on the book began in 2009, when Jobs was already seriously ill. At the heart of the biography - about 40 interviews with the "guru of Silicon Valley," and more than a hundred conversations with his relatives, colleagues, rivals and even enemies. This is the story of victories and failures of a man who in 1983 enthuses that each could easily use a computer and use it to manage other devices. The book on how to start-up in parents' garage into a company Apple, Jobs and his views on censorship in the network, and to the protection of intellectual property. Before going to press, "Steve Jobs" has broken all records on the number of pre-sale on and then became super best sellerom and film rights to more than $ 1 million has already purchased by Sony Pictures. 

02. Vladimir Pozner. "Farewell to the illusions"

Release date: February 3, 2012

Sold 86 500 copies + 10 000 overprint

Rating: 2nd in the ranking of the store "Moscow" and "Biblio-Globus», 3rd in the final ranking; 6th in the summary (fiction + non-fiction) rating of year

"Farewell to the illusions" Vladimir Posner wrote in English 21 years ago. In the U.S., this autobiography was almost 20 weeks on the bestseller list «The New York Times» and brought the author crazy, by Soviet standards, the fee - $ 100,000. Posner translated into Russian book only in 2008, and three years pondering how to reflect the past 18 years in the manuscript. "Farewell to the illusions" - memoirs of a man with an incredible destiny Soviet journalist, born in Paris, in five years, was walking with her mother at Nice, seven went to school in New York, at age 17 completed his studies in Berlin and only a year later for the first time came to Moscow. Reading "Farewell to the illusions", it is important to remember that it was written not masters of Russian journalism, and a young man who, having received European upbringing, was in the Soviet reality and then sincerely believed the Soviet Union the best model of government. And the modern part of the book - it is also a farewell to illusions.

03. Misaru Ibuka. "After three late" 

Release date: November 30, 2011

Sold 47 000 copies

Rating: 2nd of "Child Psychology" rating shopping "Moscow», 4th in the final rating of in the "Children's Literature"

This wonderful book written founder of SONY: few people know that the Japanese association of early child development, he made no less successful than in the business. First "After three late" was published in Russian in 1991, reissued in 2011, and a month after the victory in the Book Runet Award in the category "Choice Runet users" and "Bestseller on Amazon." Masaru Ibuka said that young children have the ability to effortlessly learn anything: the author claims that in the first three years of life, the child is the highest learning potential. According to Ibuki, foreign language, playing the violin or the piano is difficult for adults and for children it's almost an unconscious effort. The author provides easy to understand methods that promote early childhood development. December 8, 2012 specifically for dads came abbreviated edition, which can be read in an hour.

04. Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Natalia Gevorkyan. "Prison and Freedom" 

Rating: 3rd in the final ranking non-fiction book store, "Biblio-Globus»; 3rd in the "political memoir, investigative journalism," store "Moscow»; 6th in the summary (fiction + non-fiction) rating of Pro-Books. ru for six months

Former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was one of the richest men in Russia, and it became the most famous prisoner, wrote the book of Revelation about how the youth center has grown from Bank Menatep, and then - as Yukos and then everything collapsed. 15 chapters in the book with the telling name: "I wanted to be the best", "Politics", "The golden age bankers amateurs", "Big Business", "After Yeltsin," etc. The last chapter - "Russia's Future" - software development. "All of us continue to give unsolicited advice," - ironically the author writes. Khodorkovsky's co-author, journalist Natalia Gevorkyan complements his story of his point of view on the events related to Yukos and Russia's recent history, and notes that the book was written hard and difficult - more than two years. The first printing - 20,000 copies - a publishing house "Howard Roark" sold in just ten days and already printed and put on the shelves extra thirty thousandth.

05. Nikolay Starikov. "Stalin. Wonderful World "

Release Date: August 3, 2012

Sold: 20 000 + 8000 print additional copies

Rating: 1st in the ranking of non-fiction store, "Biblio-Globus»; 2nd in the "History of Russia" rating shopping "Moscow»; ? 16 in the summary (fiction + non-fiction) rating of six months

42-year-old Nikolai Starikov graduated from the St. Petersburg Engineering and Economics Institute and an economist. By his own admission, "seeing patterns of political and historical development of Russia, hidden springs of accidents and disasters that happened to the country, decided to write the book" - now they are in the account 11. In the book "Stalin. Wonderful World "Nikolay Starikov trying to understand the complex personality of the leader and in his biography in the context of real historical events give insight into the motives of his actions. The reader's interest in the book says an expert on public relations magazine "Biblio-Globus" Elena Nikolyuk: "The rankings ourselves surprise winner of first place - the book" Stalin. Wonderful World ", which is on sale only about four months. Although this is the explanation: the book Nikolai Starikov always attract readers' interest, and in recent years we have had an increased demand for books about the history of Russia. "

06. Dmitry Bykov. "Soviet literature. Short course " 

Release date: November 12, 2012

Sold: 10 000 5000 print additional copies

Rating: 1st in the "Literary Criticism. Criticism "of the final rating of the shop" Moscow »; 3rd in the ranking of the shop" Book Club 36.6 "for the year

Dmitry Bykov, gathered under one cover his lectures on literature for students of MGIMO and materials for lessons with high school students. In the short course of literature from bulls over thirty essays on Soviet writers from Maxim Gorky and Mikhail Sholokhov to Bella Akhmadulina and Boris Strugatsky. Bulls offers not dry study, and live the stories of key figures of Soviet literature and does so masterfully, making you think and argue, and most importantly - remember or read works in question. And when the Bulls with his usual journalistic fervor, with personal involvement and knowledge of the material writes idol 1960 Edward Asadov or undeservedly forgotten Leonov, the nearly unknown to the modern reader or Yuri Olesha Valentin Kataev, you realize that the teaching of literature should be such: not dry a choice of three variants of the test for the exam, and the controversy, fascinating lectures, motivation to read, talk and think.

07. Ines de la Fressanzh. "Parisian and style" 

Release date: April 19, 2012

Sold 11 000 copies

Rating:1st in the "fashion" of the final rating of the shop "Moscow»; 19th in the final ranking nonfiction year

At the heart of Parisian style - the magnificent seven of the most ordinary things: men's jacket, a classic trench coat, dark blue sweater, T-shirt, a little black dress, jeans and a leather jacket. But how to wear them, creating a very special way? What to avoid and how it does not look boring? Famous French model Ines de la Fressanzh offers detailed instruction to the style «made in Paris». Ines, backed by more than a decade in the fashion industry, shares the secrets of personal style and teach any woman to combine things and the right accessories to complement them. "Guide to Style" Fressanzh illustrated by excellent photographs and drawings's ironic, the "French trick" is presented in a nice and cartoonish style. In the role of a Parisian - Nin, the daughter of Ines de la Fressanzh. "Parisian pulled the salary for any« must-have »from the latest collections. She believes that her talent is not less than that of all sorts of stylists. "

08. Stephen Hawking, Lucy Hawking. "George and the Big Bang" 

Release date: September 17, 2012

Sold: 7000 copies (cumulative sales of the trilogy of George - 51 000 copies)

Rating: 5th in the "Developing and informative books for school children"

How do you explain the curious little boy, where did the universe, which is a black hole, and to compare the speed of light? Fortunately, for the curious children and their parents have a scientific adventure epic astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lucy, "George and the mysteries of the universe," "George and the treasures of the universe" and "George and the Big Bang." Sending the boy George, a girl Annie and physicist Eric in space travel, pushing them to the mysteries of the universe and exposing the danger of death, Hawking explains the origin and structure of the Universe and other complicated things. Trilogy about George Lucy Hawking conceived when the birthday of her son little guests came to Stephen Hawking and asked him questions about astrophysics. In the third book of Hawking sent George in the Large Hadron Collider, where he will stop the conspiracy of evil scientists, and learn at the same time, how did our universe that connects the vacuum and vacuum cleaners, whether in space other solar system, which is Newton's laws and the theory of relativity and much, much more.

09. Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinov. "The supreme design" 

Release date: March 19, 2012

Sold: 6500 copies

Rating: 6th  in the "science" of the rating of the shop "Moscow»; 11th  in the ranking of non-fiction year

"High concept" - the book by Stephen Hawking, co-written with a specialist in quantum theory and chaos theory Leonard Mlodinovym - answer the main question of the universe: whether to participate in the creation of the universe higher intelligence? In a new book, Stephen Hawking has never categorically and directly answer questions about the universe and life forms, yes, universes appear and is described by the laws of physics, God has nothing to do with it, life is likely to have not only on Earth, but it is unlikely such a reasonable . In response to criticism, Hawking said that "it is impossible to prove the non-existence of God, but science makes it unnecessary." 70-year-old Stephen Hawking to 1960 suffers amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and almost completely paralyzed. He says with a special speech synthesizer, involved in the cheek muscle. But in January of this year and it has atrophied, and thus it is possible that "The supreme design" - the last sentence of the great scientist.

10. Nikolay Kononov. "Code Durov" 

Release date: November 23, 2012

Sold: 5000 + 5000 print additional copies

Rating::10th in the ranking of non-fiction site for the quarter, 2nd in the ranking of non-fiction site month; 3rd in the section "Business" rankings store "Moscow"

"Code Durov" - biography site designer "VKontakte", "Zuckerberg from Petersburg" Pavel Durov. Duras staunchly defended their own ideas about content, considering freedom of information organic feature internet and winning lawsuits against the Web. By the way, a pirated copy of the book Nikolai Kononov appeared "VKontakte" publicly available on the day and the author had only to inform on his page that he does not mind. "Code Durov" written with meticulous thoroughness: the author has met a lot of people, took hundreds of hours of interviews, built a chronological narrative: it is clear, as there is a "VKontakte" the conditions under which friends become partners, and more. Curiously, the list of the most widely read books of the year starts and ends biography computer genius, written personally familiar with the hero journalist. Perhaps someday genius Paul Durova will rival that of Steve Jobs, and talent as a writer Nikolai Kononov readers will appreciate higher until surpassed skill Isaacson. 
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