Lykan Hypersport

Lykan Hypersport

Super cars are a common sight in some parts of the Middle East, but until now, that region of the world has gone without an exotic of its own. Enter the Lykan Hyper sport, an ultra-exclusive ride from Dubai-based start up W Motors. The upcoming car is said to accelerate from 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds and offer Lamborghini-rivaling style for $3.4 million, according to Wards Auto.

Lykan Hypersport
The Lykan Hypersport is the brainchild of Lebanese entrepreneur and designer Ralph Debbas, who began thinking up the supercar when he was an automotive design student. The wild, angular seven-figure exotic will be officially revealed to the public at the Qatar auto show, where W Motors will display a full-scale model made of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials, and built with help from specialty coachbuilder Magna Steyr Torino.

Snow Art

Snow Art from Simon Beck

At work, Simon Beck makes orienteering maps. In his spare time, he straps on a pair of snowshoes and tramps around for 10 hours, creating unique pieces of snow art on a truly mountainous scale.

Tallest Girls

Tallest Girls all Over the World

Here the collected of tallest girls from all over the world, 

Vitamin A to Z

Vitamin A to zinc
To keep itself running smoothly your body requires an array of essential nutrients, ranging from disease-fighting antioxidants to bone-building heavy metals. Although you can get many of these nutrients in a daily supplement, nearly all of them can also be found in the foods you eat—or should be eating—every day.
Want to get your vitamins and minerals the natural way? Our guide breaks down the best foods for 20 of the most important nutrients (and the accompanying recipes offer healthy and tasty ways to enjoy them).

Vitamin A
Why you need it: The vitamin A family plays a key role in immunity, reproductive behaviors, and especially vision. The A vitamins, which include beta-carotene, help the retina, cornea, and membranes of the eye to function properly.
Where to get it: The highest concentration of vitamin A is found in sweet potatoes; just one medium-sized baked sweet potato contains more than 28,000 international units (IU) of vitamin A, or 561% of your recommended daily value (DV). Beef liver, spinach, fish, milk, eggs, and carrots also are good sources.


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Sandstorms Pictures

Impressive Pictures of Sandstorms

Phoenix (Arizona, USA), 2012

The images collection of atmospheric phenomena, which were made at different times in different parts of the world.

Pink Lake

Pink Lake in Senegal Retba

Of course there is no such thing as a lake made out of strawberry milkshake ingredients – outside of Willy Wonka’s world that is. But it’s kind of nice to dream. Lake Retba or Lac Rose gives us that fantasy, even if it is just on the surface. Situated north of the Cap Vert Peninsula in Senegal, northeast of Dakar, Lake Retba, or as the French refer to it Lac Rose, is pinker than any milkshake you’ve ever come face to straw with. And once you see it, you too will agree that a sippy straw may be in order over a boat. Experts say the lake gives off its pink hue due to cyanobacteria, a harmless halophilic bacteria found in the water.

Beauty of Vietnam - Halong Bay

Halong Bay — Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, The descending dragon bay,  Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a popular travel destination, located in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. Administratively, the bay belongs to H? Long City, C?m Ph? town, and part of Van Don district. The bay features thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various sizes and shapes. Ha Long Bay is a center of a larger zone which includes Bái T? Long bay to the northeast, and Cát Bà islands to the southwest. These larger zones share similar geological, geographical, geomorphological, climate, and cultural characters.

Ha Long Bay has an area of around 1,553 km2, including 1,960–2,000 islets, most of which are limestone. The core of the bay has an area of 334 km2 with a high density of 775 islets. The limestone in this bay has gone through 500 million years of formation in different conditions and environments. The evolution of the karst in this bay has taken 20 million years under the impact of the tropical wet climate. The geo-diversity of the environment in the area has created biodiversity, including a tropical evergreen biosystem, oceanic and sea shore biosystem. Ha Long Bay is home to 14 endemic floral species and 60 endemic faunal species.

New Home tech

Best new tech for your home

(Photo: Rachel Rothman)The idea of the "connected home" is taking off in a big way, and this year we see even more smart appliances on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). These promising new appliances hope to save you time and money, and help make your life a little bit easier. 

Wireless Blender

We saw a bunch of interesting small appliances at this year’s show. Possibly the coolest: Haier was showing off a wireless kitchen countertop blender. This futuristic gadget uses coupling technology to remotely receive energy via a transmitter, so you don’t have to crowd your counter with unsightly wires whether making a smoothie or just leaving the blender on the counter for display. It's only available in Asia for now, but we hope to see this appliance stateside someday soon. 

Portable Fridge
(Photo: Courtesy of Whirlpool)

Whirlpool's FreshConnect cooling system may be just a concept right now, but we love the idea of portable micro-refrigeration. The setup consists of totable, battery-powered units that can change temperature and humidity settings on the fly (and be customized to contents, like meats, fruits, or frozen foods).

If one is placed outside the front door, it could hold grocery deliveries until you get home. In the house, a compartment could allow you to keep snacks cold in the family room or drinks in the dining room. Whirlpool suggests this could even be a great way to create ideal conditions for growing plants. We're excited to see what other great applications this system could have in the future.

Story time - Love your parent

Love your parent 

After 12 years of marriage, my wife wanted me to invite another woman to dinner and a movie.
She told me: “I love you, but I know that the other woman loves you and would like to spend time with you.”
The Other Woman , which my wife asked to pay attention to, was my mother. She was a widow for over 19 years. But since my job and three children demanded all my strength from me, I could only visit her occasionally.
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Food art

Strange food Art by Sarah Illenberger

German art director Sarah Illenberger has sent amazing art images from her ongoing project 'strange fruits'. the series is an eclectic collection. Of re-imagined fruits and vegetables - from a hairy apple to a diamond-shaped beetroot, the pieces are meticulously hand-crafted for an often humorous outcome. through the combined techniques of photography and sculpture, the work playfully transforms food into a truly visual feast.

Bollywood Education

How educated are our Bollywood celebrities?

SRK tweeted that he could not really help his son with his math lessons, this got us thinking…just how educated are our favorite Bollywood celebs? Here’s a look at how educated they are.

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt made her debut with Student of the Year. She is all of 19 and her dream Bollywood debut happened soon after she finished her secondary education. Alia wanted to learn drama, but for the time being she has put those plans on hold.

How educated are our Bollywood …
After completing high school Sunny Leone was learning to be a pediatric nurse when one of her friends introduced her to modeling. She became a Penthouse star and the rest of course is history.

Amazing cafe bar

Fascinating Cafe in the World

01. Cafe-bar Big Baobab Bar

Cafe-bar Big Baobab Bar - (Limpopo, South Africa) - What could be better than a glass of soft drink in the shade of a big tree? Properly skip this cup inside a tree. This cafe is located inside a giant baobab tree - a symbol of South Africa, whose age is about six thousand years, and a circle of 47 meters.

Encouraging message posted in university restroom

Anonymous and encouraging message posted in university restroom

A Reddit user posted a photo of a poignant message that she found taped to the stall in a women's restroom at her university.
The user, chellylauren, wrote: "In a girls' bathroom stall at my university, girls have written about some of their most horrifying life experiences. This week, somebody replied."
The reply, written on notebook paper, is anonymous.
The reply in full:

Uses of Microwave

8 Weird Ways To Use Your Microwave

Defrosting Lean Cuisine and popping popcorn? Pshaw! That's just the microwave's day job. According to the Daily Mail, the 46-year-old kitchen appliance also moonlights as a dryer, a cramp reliever, even a gardening tool. Let's take a look at some highlights on the microwave's under-the-radar resume: 

It peels vegetables: Rich winter stews call for peeled tomatoes but meticulous peeling is a drag. After washing and cutting tomatoes in half, place them cut-side down in the microwave and heat for five minutes until the skin has shriveled around the edges. Then, gently slide them off with a fork or even your fingernails. 

It warms bath towels: Baby, it's cold outside! Post-shower, warm up quicker by placing slightly damp towels in a large ziplock bag, then pop them in the microwave for a couple of minutes. "Not all plastic bags are microwave-safe so check the box first," says Snyder. 
It gets gum off your clothes: Parents will love this—if your kid got chewing gum stuck on their clothes (or, ahem, yours), warm one cup of vinegar in the microwave for a minute or so, then dab it on the gum with a clean cloth until it's gone. Presto!


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FACEBOOK Graph Search

FACEBOOK Graph Search: what is it and how do you use it?

IN DEPTH Facebook search gets supercharged – just ask it a question

Facebook Graph Search: what is it and how do you use it?
Graph Search: Facebook's new weapon
Well, Facebook didn't reveal a new phone or operating system today - instead the social network announced a new Graph Search. This new feature offers a multitude of new ways to use Facebook's search function to help you find the right people, photos and more.

What is Graph Search?

You can still search in the usual way, but you can also ask Graph Search to find exactly what you're looking for. Launching now is the beta (or early) version of Graph Search, and it focuses on four areas: people, photos, places and interests. It's only available in U.S. English for now.
Graph Search

What is Graph Search?

Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant in Harbin — China

They’re probably going to render us extinct one day, so we might as well enjoy their servitude, while it lasts. A unique restaurant, in Harbin, China’s Heilongjiang Province, has 18 different robots doing all kinds of jobs, from ushering in guests to waiting tables and cooking various dishes. All the robots were designed and created by the Harbin Haohai Robot Company. Chief Engineer Liu Hasheng, they invested around 5 million yuan ($790,000) in the restaurant, with each robot costing 200,000 to 300,000 yuan ($31,500 – $47,000). With an average cost per dinner of between $6 and $10, they won’t be recovering their investment anytime soon, but it is great advertisement for what the robot company can create. [Photo/Agencies]

Biggest Revolver

The World's Biggest Working Revolver

The World's Biggest  custom working revolver weighs a mere ninetynine pounds has a length of four feet two inches and stands approx one foot four inches from the butt to the top of the hammer.  When compared to a normal sized revolver as in the picture above and below, then this gun is truly a behemoth and one that can only leave you feeling awestruck! Also, check out the size of the ball shot that it fires!

Ford Atlas

Ford Atlas Concept, the sneak peek at the future of F-Series pickups

Miss America 2013

Miss America 2013 — Mallory Hytes Hagan

Mallory Hagan won the Las Vegas beauty pageant Saturday night after tap dancing to James Brown's "Get Up Off of That Thing" and answering a question about whether armed guards belong in grade schools by saying we should not fight violence with violence. Hagan defeated Miss South Carolina Ali Rogers, who took second, and Miss Oklahoma Alicia Clifton, who finished third. Hagan wins a $50,000 college scholarship and gets the crown for one year. Her platform was stopping child $exual abuse. She is expected to spend her title reign on a nationwide speaking tour and raising money for the Children's Miracle Network, the organization's official charity.

Miss New York Mallory Hagan waves after she was crowned Miss America 2013 on Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)


Special Edition Watches

From Pac-man-inspired limited editions to one-off timepieces in ode to comic superheros, here's a look at some of our favourtie watches that have made the news...

Alexandros Stasinopoulos’ Ora: Always on the lookout for all things exclusive and eye catching, hot on our list is Greek designer Alexandros Stasinopoulos’ concept watch, ‘Ora’.
Stepping away from the jewelled, glitzy watches we favour, the reason we like this timepiece is for its innovative design, fun colour palette and intriguing appearance.
Alexandros draws inspiration from a simple measuring tape, weaves three of them together, and completely transforms the concept of a watch dial. While the first and second expectedly indicate the hour and minute, the third reflects the day (not date) of the week.
Additionally what’s interesting is that the designer makes no cover-ups for the internal framework of the watch. On closer look, you realise that it’s actually quite a strength of the timepiece, what with an intricate mechanism syncing this three-way confluence.
The way the watch is designed unfortunately makes possible for the maker to only produce what can be described as a floral shaped dial, but the extensive colour palette (ditch the yellow, do the black), could help man up the watch should you be interested.

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Red Cat Bob and James Bowen

Red Cat Bob and James Bowen — A Touching Story

Once a homeless musician James Bowen met a homeless red cat Bob, who changed his life. Last year, a book by James  written “Street Bob cat: a man and a cat in the street have hope.” it was a really good story. Personally I like it very much…

1. One day in the subway James saw a red cat with a wound to the leg, most likely resulting in a fight with another cat and it was obvious that the cat has very bad wound.

Galaxy s got 100 million sales

Samsung Galaxy S range zips past 100 million sales

Lend us a fiver, will you Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy S range zips past 100 million sales
That's a lot of zeroes

Who'd have thunk that the little Samsung Galaxy S would spawn the mobile juggernaut that is the enduring Galaxy S smartphone range, today gliding past the 100 million sales mark.
That's no small amount of phones just two years and seven months after the first Galaxy S shipped.
Around 40 million of those 100 million handsets areSamsung Galaxy S2s, the phone that Samsung credits as the "driving force" behind its "rise to the top of the global smartphone market".

Easy as S1, S2, S3

But the Galaxy S3 is selling more-than-healthily too. It looks set to surpass its predecessor with 40 million units shipped in seven months and averaging 190,000 handset sales a day.
It may be champagne and Rolexes all round at Samsung HQ but we can almost hear the sarcastic woop-de-doos emanating from rival camps.
Once the great hope of the Android scene, HTC is struggling to get back on track after a trying 2012, while supply woes dog the Google Nexus 4 and reportedly underwhelming iPhone 5 sales as people prove unimpressed by its pitch of being slightly longer but still crucially much the same as the iPhone 4S for quite a lot more money.

HP Director is not opening

The HP Director Window Does Not Open in Windows XP

(Internet explorer 7 or 8 issue) 

The HP Director icon ( ) is present on the computer desktop and in the Start menu, but HP Director does not open after clicking the icon.
This issue occurs on some HP products introduced between 2002 and 2004, after installing the Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or 8 (MS IE 7 or MS IE 8) browser on a computer that is connected to the HP product. The Internet Explorer 7 or 8 browser might be incompatible with HP Director.
IMPORTANT! This document does not resolve issues with Windows Vista. If you recently upgraded to Windows Vista, and cannot find HP Director, click one of the following links:

Crazy billionaires

Well, if you are a billionaire by 23 and considered one of the 100 most influential people in the world, you can walk into a board room in a hoodie.
Well, if you are a billionaire by 23 and considered one of the 100 most influential people in the world, you can walk into a board room in a hoodie.

Elon Musk wants to build a town in Mars for vegetarians. He isn't the first moneybags with a wacky idea. ET Magazine lists a few of them.

Mark Zuckerberg
Net worth: $9.4 bn

Well, if you are a billionaire by 23 and considered one of the 100 most influential people in the world, you can walk into a board room in a hoodie. But that's not the only eccentricity the Facebook co-founder has.

If he is really keen on hiring someone, he takes him for a stroll in the woods behind his headquarters. Also, there is the resolution to only eat meat he has killed himself!

Richard Branson
Net worth: $4.2 bn

As if owning a tropical island — Necker Island, hideaway for the rich and the brash — was not enough for the flamboyant Brit billionaire. Now Branson wants to colonise Mars.

He has already launched Virgin Galactic, a tour company that will take people on space flights. The queue is getting longer with 500 already signed for the galactic adventure.

World's top billionaires and their carzy wacky ideas!

World's top billionaires and their carzy wacky ideas!
Yuri Milner
Net worth: $1 bn

After investing in various digital startups, including $200 mn in Facebook and $800 mn in Twitter, the Russian venture capitalist decided to trump Alfred Nobel. And how?

By founding the Fundamental Physics Prize. It is by far the most lucrative academic prize. At $3 mn each, it is way ahead of the Nobel at $1.2 mn.
Peter Thiel
Net worth: $1.5 bn

From funding studies in superintelligence to seasteading or floating cities to finding a cure for ageing, this German-born American entrepreneur is as whacky as they come.

Founding and then selling off PayPal and early investment in Facebook have given Thiel enough loose change to fund his dreams.
World's top billionaires and their carzy wacky ideas!
World's top billionaires and their carzy wacky ideas!Roman Abramovich
Net worth: $13.4 bn

Owning a football club — Chelsea FC — and sacking managers is only one part of the Russian tycoon's many fancies. He has a marina full of luxury yachts.

Eclipse, the world's largest private yacht, has helicopter pads, swimming pools and — hold it — military-grade weapons system and a private submarine. Also, to keep prying eyes at bay there is an anti-paparazzi photo shield also in place.
Nicolas Berggruen
Net worth: $2.3 bn

No, not even an MIG flat or even a log cabin for him. Founder and president of investment company Berggruen Holdings, the "homeless billionaire" prefers to stay in hotels and lives out of an overnight bag. Plans to donate his fortune to various charities.
World's top billionaires and their carzy wacky ideas!
World's top billionaires and their carzy wacky ideas!Howard Hughes
Net worth: $1.5 bn*

The aviator-cum-filmmaker-cum entrepreneur was the embodiment of eccentricity. He didn't shower or cut his hair or nails for months on end.

He supposedly watched Ice Station Zebra 150 times, with the film at times running in a continuous loop. When a Las Vegas hotel wanted to evict him, he bought the hotel.
William Koch
Net worth: $4 bn

His investments in oil take care of the champagne and caviar. An avid sailor and an America's Cup winner, it is only natural that he collects maritime memorabilia. But what did he do about his passion for the Wild West? Wear a Stetson or ride a horse to work? No way.

He built himself a brand new town modelled on the frontier ones. So there in the middle of a ranch in Colorado, Koch has a town with its saloon, church, jail, firehouse and even a railway station.
World's top billionaires and their carzy wacky ideas!

(Net worth as of March 2012; * at the time of Hughes' death in 1976)

Amazing Bridge - Gustave Flaubert

Gustave Flaubert Bridge

The Pont Gustave-Flaubert (Gustave Flaubert Bridge) is a vertical lift bridge over the River Seine at Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France. It officially opened on 25 September 2008 after four years of work. 
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