Maserati Quattroporte 2013

The 2013 Maserati Quattroporte lands

And we can claim more lightness, more efficiency and more power...
Say ciao to the all-new Maserati Quattroporte - the lightest, biggest, and most powerful four-door Maz in the history of, erm, ever...

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Mazzer's playing its cards close to its chest, but we do know that the all-new V8 engine's been designed and developed by Maserati and Ferrari engineers in Italy's motor valley. And while you'd associate the products of Maranello to err on the thirsty side, this one's meant to be more efficient and more powerful than the current car.

Of the chassis, Roberto Corradi, Maserati Vehicle Development Director, says: "Maserati engineers have worked in chassis designing and engineering, weight reduction, ergonomic enhancement to develop a car capable of fitting different powertrain architectures and transmission configurations for the most diverse driving conditions but always maintaining Maserati's trademark best-in-class driving comfort."

Now, about that design... According to the manufacturer, it's "Italian design at its best." Apparently, it "reinterprets the design features of classic Maseratis". Hmm... The key Quattroporte trademarks are there in the front grille, three side vents and the triangular C pillar. The new bits include that pinched crease running down the side of the car, frameless doors, three side windows, and fresh headlights and rear lights, which look curiously familiar...

Maserati won't tell us much about its leathery innards, either, but Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Head of the Maserati Design Centre, says: "Inside, the Quattroporte aims at essentiality, stressing the simplicity of lines and the full functionality of the on-board instrumentation. Functional elements are blended with soft quality surfaces made of prestigious woods and refined leathers."

The company's expecting big things from its new Quattroporte. Maserati reckons it'll see itself building 50,000 units a year by 2015 by launching three new models in two new segments of the market, starting with this.

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