Awesome office gadgets

15 awesome office gadgets and must-haves!

Summary: 2013 is just around the corner, so prepare your office for the new year with a fine selection of 15 excellent office gadgets and must-haves! Sure to induce coworker jealousy.

Recycled Tech Clock

For all of you techies out there, here's a clock that makes stellar use out of old, all-but-useless hardware! Now, you can waste the hours away staring at an HDD platter while thinking to yourself, "Just how is it that these platters are shinier than mirrors!?" The world may never know... but at least you'll know what time it is.

'Speak-er' Speakers

Regardless of if it's instrumental or with vocals, musicians typically write music because they have something to say, right? Give your favorite songs a new catalyst with which to reach your ears with the "Speak-er" speakers! Never have comment bubbles sounded this good... or at all.

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Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Tired of Rob "the refridgerator robber" Robbenstuf stealing your sandwiches and other noms at work? Anti-theft lunch bags, to the rescue! Just make sure that anything you store in these bags is left in a grocery bag or lunch box; otherwise, you might find your noms in the trash can, instead of in Rob "the refridgerator robber" Robbenstuf's greedy paws.

Multifunctional Magnetic Stones

Defy and redefine "sticky notes" by using these multifunctional magnetic stones! How many ways can you find to use them? Personally, I'd probably write some of my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes on pieces of paper and display them betwixt the stones -- you know, quotes like "stick around," " show them how to zrowthedizcus," and the entirety of whatever in the world he's saying here.

Jellyfish Fish Fishtank

Okay, okay... it's actually just called a "Jellyfish Tank," but how could one resist placing the word "fish" side-by-side three times in a row!? It's probably just because I'm writing this at a delirium-inducing 3:00 AM, but I digress.
This extremely awesome jellyfish tank does, indeed, contain real jellyfish that are shipped to you! Unfortunately, gracing your office with this much style will run you a few shekels, but that's the price you pay for pure awesomeness.
Source: Jellyfish Tank

'Live, Laugh, Love' QR Code Art

You're a dedicated, awesome, and peaceable worker! Showcase your glass-half-full view of life in the nerdiest way possible with some QR code art that actually sends you to "live," "laugh," and "love," respectively.

Ginormous Earbud Speakers

Fair warning: the reviews on these things don't appear to be that favorable in regards to their sound quality, but, personally, I think just to be seen with a pair of these in the first place would make the price of entry worth it! Could you imagine having a new client step into your office?
You: "Hey, I want you to hear something really quick..." *Take out ginormous headphone speakers* "Here you go! Put these on."
Client: *Looks at you like you have 8 heads*
You: "LOLRUS, j/k!"
Client: "Oh, man, good! For a second there, I th..."
You, interruptingly and with a straight face: "This."

'Pick Your Nose' Paper Cups

You know what they say: you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose paper cup!
Wait a minute... that's not how it goes...


Let's face it: "smell" isn't not going to be one of the 5 senses any time soon, so why not please it at every turn the opportunity presents itself? This is one of those times, my friend. Answer the call. Live life smellfishly.
Source: AromaUSB

Office Chair Strength Trainer

Bowflex meets the everyday dullard office chair in an attempt to keep one's arms in tip-top shape! Combine this chair with the Xtensor Hand Exerciser and you'll be the office Popeye in no time!


Basically, what you do is place a miniature paper airplane on the end of this physics-obeying thingamabobber and voila: hours of entertainment! Oh, and if you add a fan into the mix, then things apparently become perpetually interesting.

Whatever the case may be, there's a very high likelihood of you being the only person in your entire building who can fly paper airplanes like this, so what are you waiting for!?
Source: SpinFlyer

Dress for Dinner Napkins

Did you forget to wear a tie to the business dinner tonight? You know, the business dinner that's only the most important dinner you will ever have in your entire life? Good thing you have some of these "dress for dinner napkins" lying in wait! Not only will you keep food off your tie-less Armani, but you'll also look extremely good doing it! Good and prepared, since, you know... you forgot your tie and all.

Matrix 300+ 3D Printer

Tired of using the printer paper around your office to print stuff on? Why not use it to print stuffwith? The Matrix 300+ printer is a 3D printer that uses standard office printing paper to make 3D models of whatever you can dream up! Pretty nifty, huh? Not exactly practical, but nifty, nonetheless.

Office Ninja Blowgun

Remember that scene where that ninja comes up out of the water and uses his blowgun to shoot a poisoned dart into their enemy's neck on that bridge? Now you can do that in your office, only not! Either way, this is a great way to kill some people time while waiting for the end of the day to come around!

Electronic Copyboards

Tired of erasing all the amazing graffiti you proliferate your office's whiteboards with when you're bored? Never again! Electronic whiteboards are like regular whiteboards, except they're made from unicorn horns and rainbows, thus allowing one to electronically copy everything ever written on them.
I mean, there's also saving all the meaningful notes that occur in productivity meetings, but who's counting? After all, whiteboard boredom graffiti is just a fact of life. Deal with it.

Vornado Desk Fan

You know how it is in the office sometimes: everyone's either freezing-cold when you're on fire, or they're on fire when you're freezing-cold! Where the former is concerned, do something about it with a desk fan that you should already own, but don't yet for some odd reason! I've had one of these for over a couple of years now and its been great.

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