Simple ways to save Mobile's battery life

Here's a guide to conserve a mobile's battery life in dire situations!

5 Ways To Conserve Mobile's Battery Life
Close Unwanted Apps.
Usually, there are more than few apps running in the background which a user is completely oblivious of that don't really need to be running at that precise moment. Be smart, go to the multi-tasking option and shut them down. They are silent assassins and drain the battery of a mobile unmercifully.

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5 Ways To Conserve Mobile's Battery Life
Lower the Ringer Volume A loud, shrill and long ringtone will consume more battery than a lower, simplistic set of beeps. Change the profile settings when you have to travel long journeys and save battery life. Also, the vibration needs to be switched off to conserve battery. Remember, every bit counts!

5 Ways To Conserve Mobile's Battery Life
Switch off GPS
One of the main culprits of battery draining is the GPS. Even when not in use, it tends to drain out the battery by constantly staying in touch with the satellite to update your current location in the background.

Switch off Bluetooth and Wi-FiThe first thing one must do is turn off any secondary connectivity options that is being used. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, etc. They consume battery quicker than anything else! In crisis situation, one can even disable data-traffic and stop WAP/GPRS. Your cellphone will just get a new lease of life with this one single move!

5 Ways To Conserve Mobile's Battery Life
Lower Screen Brightness

It is not necessary to keep the brightness levels highall the time as your screen will give a satisfactory output even at lower settings as well as help save some precious juice in the long run! Yet another visual factor is the animation. Switch off all the animations and keep the controls simple without any added effects. This will give the graphic engine a break and prolong battery life.

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