Weird road signs

1) Water Now with H2O
We appreciate truth in advertising, but we really have to wonder what this company was offering in their water before they added H2O.

9 more to go....

2) Be Careful
We probably didn’t need the sign to figure out there was a problem ahead. But it’s likely a good idea to find another route.
3) Electricity Drive
We got a real charge out of this pun-y entry from a reader in Windsor, Ontario.
4) Grinn & Barret
This is what we’ve often been told to do, especially after trying to sort through 100s of entries to choose the finalists for the Wacky Street Signs Contest.
5) Danger, Danger, Danger 
Believe us if we tell you we’d have also turned around and gone in the other direction.
6) Stop! 
Turn left? No. Right? No? Uh, how do we get out of here?
7) Eat Here and Get Gas 
Gee, didn’t we eat there just the other day? Again, while we appreciate truth in advertising, we just might go to the diner across the street.
8) City Parking Confusion
This explains why we got that $50 fine last week. Next time we try to park her you might want to call your lawyer first.
9) Windpassing 
Does this Austrian town just happen to have an Eat-and-Get-Gas CafĂ©? We’re hoping this is just a case of lost-in-translation.
10) Falling Cow
We never knew it was so dangerous driving around Taos, New Mexico.  If a cow lands on the car, though, do we get to keep the wool?
11) No Hooking
Um? What can we add except, get a hotel room next time?
12) Mine Shafts Ahead 
Who’da thought it was so dangerous wandering through the Australian Outback? Apparently you have to watch your step in mine country around Coober Pedy.
13) No doctor, no hospital, one cemetery
Here’s another place – in New Zealand, it turns out – we’re planning to just drive through and keep going.
14) Sidewalk Ends
Really? Does that explain what that green stuff is?  We were wondering how they got concrete to look like grass.

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