ICS for Samsung Galaxy R

GALAXY 'ROYALE' Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 UPDATE:

- ICS 4.0.4 update for Gallery R i9103 has been leaked in a funny & very unusual way by Samsung's service center when a fellow XDA member Machram got his mobile back from the service center. But nevertheless we're thankful to them for at least releasing the update in the given time frame though it was a bit late when compared to the time frame of Galaxy S2 & Note's ICS updates.

Swedish ICS CWM backup (Multiple Language options in the ROM):

CAUTION ! There are unconfirmed reports of two users being affected by a faulty eMMC brickbug. You can flash ICS but there's always a risk of you having a faulty emmc chip. If you're already on ICS / want to flash ICS then just DO NOT perform the following operations after flashing ICS 4.0.4:
  • Wipe data / cache using CWM / TWRP
  • Factory reset your mobile after flashing ICS 4.0.4
  • Resoring a Nandroid backup / Deleting large files while using ICS 4.0.4 kernel.
  • Any other operation which could invoke recovery to wipe cache / dalvik cache / any other [/data] partition related operation.
However if you want to Go back to GB then just flash your stock 2.3.x ROM directly via Odin & don't perform wipe operations via CWM before it.

The information in this post is provided as it is without any option for claims, your device may brick for which I won't be responsible.

Download links:
HOW To Flash ICS 4.0.4 (Newbie Friendly):
  • Start downloading the RAR archive from the above links.
  • Just as a precaution to confirm that your eMMC chip is not faulty, run the eMMC BrickBug app. Get the app from Play Store: eMMC Brickbug. After you Run the app you'll get the following screen.
  • Flash CWM from the Galaxy R Dev Section. (Skip if you already have CWM)
  • Make a backup of your current system using CWM. Boot into CWM => Select Backup and Restore => Make a backup of your current system.
  • Clear the cache & dalvik cache.
  • (Optional but recommended)Factory reset your SGR to avoid any problems related to incompatible apps & Force closing of apps.
  • Extract the RAR archive using WinRAR / 7 Zip & copy the extracted files into the external memory card in the following directory:
  • Boot into CWM recovery & go to Advanced => Unmount system => Mount system.
  • In CWM => Select Backup and Restore => Restore the ICS 4.0.4 CWM files.
How to root ICS 4.0.4:
We don't know how to reset the counter for this new ICS bootloader so keep that in mind.
  1. Copy 'RootRecovery_v4' to the sdcard / external card
  2. Boot into CWM recovery & go to Advanced => Unmount system => Mount system.
  3. Choose Install zip from sdcard
  4. Choose zip from sdcard
  5. Select from where you copied it
  6. Choose Install
  7. Restart phone
Thnx to abrahamyan-ha (XDA member) & lipton_01 (
Changelog in ICS 4.0.4 over GB:

This Changelog is based on ICS build 4.0.3 of S2 9100 so there could be some differences. 
  • Basic Changelog can be found here: Introducing ICS 4.0
  • To unlock slide lock, touch and drag to outside of circle.
  • Screen Capture: Press and hold POWER + HOME (But it should have been Volume Down + Power as it is normally in ICS.)
  • Sub menu for Menu Button is changed from Grid format to List format.
  • Keyboard Icon is added in indicator bar to change the keyboard being used.
  • 'Restart' option is added when you press power button for a few seconds.
  • If you press “Home” button for a few seconds, recent applications are displayed. If you want to remove / close an application in recent list, select and drag to right or left side.
  • Tap on the Share icon to enable selected texts in the default browser to be used by other applications e.g. Messaging.
  • Favorites now shown as a Thumbnail in the Contacts app with Contact name added in the thumbnail view.
  • 'Unknown sources' option is moved from Applications to Security.
  • Settings are categorized (Wireless & networks, Device, Personal, System), Wi-Fi/BT ON/OFF buttons are displayed instead of 'Wireless & Networks', Data usage function added.
  • Improved increased 'Developer Options.'


  1. Samsung Galaxy R was announced a couple of days ago and will be released soon.Home button along with back and menu keys located on left and right side of Home, smaller screen of 4.19 inches, five megapixels camera, you need to store a lot of pictures, videos, and music.

    1. Thanks Meghu for the detail, i am using Galaxy r with ICS and its working perfectly fine.

  2. The screeen capture after ICS 404 upgrade with power and home button not working!
    Please advise.


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