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Pictures of the week

Pictures of the week (July 9 to July 16)
A double rainbow appears after a heavy monsoon storms over Nipton Road in Searchlight, Nevada, July 13, 2012. The National Weather Service has extended a flash flood watch through Saturday night, as rain and thunderstorms have rumbled into Southern Nevada. Picture taken July 13. 2012. 
REUTERS/Gene Blevins


Pictures of the week (July 9 to July 16)
A handout picture released by the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on July 11, 2012, shows the launching of a missiles, named "Joulan 1" and "Joulan 2", meaning Golan in Arabic, referring to the Syrian Golan Heights, during Syrian army maneuvers at an undisclosed location in Syria. 

Pictures of the week (July 9 to July 16)
A French Boeing C135, refueling tanker (bottom) and fighters aircrafts fly over the Louvre museum during the Bastille Day military parade in Paris, on July 14, 2012. AFP PHOTO /KENZO TRIBOUILLARD

Pictures of the week (July 9 to July 16)

Protesters try to extinguish flames from a protester after he set himself on fire during a demonstration calling for social justice in Tel Aviv July 14, 2012. Some thousands of Israelis gathered in cities throughout the country to mark one year since the start of social protests demanding for more social welfare, local media reported

Pictures of the week (July 9 to July 16)

People play in the mud during the Boryeong Mud Festival at Daecheon beach in Boryeong, about 190 km (118 miles) southwest of Seoul, July 15, 2012. About 2 to 3 million domestic and international tourists visit the beach during the annual mud festival, according to the festival organisers.


Pictures of the week (July 9 to July 16)

A Bosnian Muslim woman cries near a new open grave with the coffin of her relative, which was prepared for a mass burial at the Memorial Center in Potocari, near Srebrenica July 10, 2012. The bodies of 520 recently identified victims of the Srebrenica massacre will be buried on July 11, the anniversary of the massacre when Bosnian Serb forces commanded by Ratko Mladic slaughtered 8,000 Muslim men and boys and buried them in mass graves, in Europe's worst massacre since World War Two.

Pictures of the week (July 9 to July 16)
A displaced Congolese child covers his head as he treks back into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) side of Bunagana after spending a night across the border in Uganda, July 10, 2012. Rebels in Congo said on July 6 they had seized the eastern DRC town of Bunagana on the border with Uganda after days of fierce fighting with government troops during which a U.N. peacekeeper was killed and thousands of residents displaced. 

Pictures of the week (July 9 to July 16)
A demonstrator throws a grille at riot policemen during a rally at Santiago downtown, July 11, 2012. The rally was held in support of the 41th copper nationalization anniversary during the overthrown socialist Salvador Allende's government (1970-1973). The graffiti says "Many policemen, little fun". 


Pictures of the week (July 9 to July 16)
A tribesman, loyal to the al-Houthi Shi'ite rebel group, performs a traditional dance at the conclusion of a two-day tribal gathering in the northwestern Yemeni province of Saada, on the border with Saudi Arabia July 12, 2012. The mountainous province of Saada is the stronghold of the Shi'ite rebels, known as the Houthis after the clan of their leaders, who had fought government forces for years until an uprising against former President Ali Abdullah Saleh last year gave them a free hand in the lawless frontier province. Trying to counter the threat of al Qaeda, Washington is deepening its involvement in Yemen, using drone strikes to target suspected militants and training the Yemeni army to fight them. The tribal gathering was held to denounce what they say is a U.S. interference in Yemen. 
Pictures of the week (July 9 to July 16)
Workers construct satelite dishes for the world's media ahead of the Olympic Games in the London 2012 Olympic Park at Stratford in London July 12, 2012. Preparations for the London Olympics have put Britain's intelligence agencies under significant pressure, as the country stages its largest ever peacetime security operation, British lawmakers said on Thursday. 

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