IPZ.EXE (worm: w32/agent.ipz) Cleaning Guide

Along with the rapid growth in the computer industry the more distractions that attack, especially in the form of malicious software. Software malicious software can damage the existing applications on the PC, not even just software that can be damaged, it could be hardware.

Disorder that is currently very dangerous one of them isa common virus called IPX.EXE virus (worm:w32/agent.ipz).

IPz.exe virus could be a virus which will copy files to the registry, that makes the method of acting on computers (PCs) became an typically slow and conjointly cause the computer doesn't respond (not responding), to the registry that contains IPZ.exe virus should be removed, for cleaning registry of IPZ.exe should initial copy the registry file.

follow this procedure: 
1. Open the registry editorfrom the "start" menu"runthen type "regedit" 
2. Then find the file that contains IPz.exe: search by using the (find) ctrl + f type "ipz" will display some registry files that have been infected IPZ.exeThe followingexamples are exposed to the virus files:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Micorsoft\Search assisten\ACMru\5603 

3.      After the file is found, delete the filesif the file can not be deleteddirectly to the folder that contains the file, immediately removed via right click and delete.

If the virus has not gone try it with a full scan using updated antivirus which youhave, and if it still has not gone as well then follow the following Procedure: 
1. Go to the menu "task manager" usually pressed ctrl + alt + del then select the tab"process", click the "image name", check the option "show processes all users" and find the file "ipz.exe", select "end process"
2. Do a search on windows explorer file IPz.exe then delete the "shift + del", make sure the windows explorer IPZ.exe completely erased.
3. Proceed to the system configuration utility windows, start menu, runtype "msconfig" select the tab "services", find "intelligent p2p zombiethen uncheck. 
4. Reboot your PC

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