Mobile phone fell into water?

What if your Mobile phone fell into water?

When you have this situation you have to do the following steps for at least getting your mobile phone in working condition:

1.             Put out the mobile from water.

2.             Switch off the phone if it is not turned off.

3.             Remove the battery and SIM instantly.

4.             Try to dry it naturally i.e. Put it under lightened bulb or put it under sun light, or cover it with towel to dry it completely.

It may take minimum 2 or 3 days to dry the mobile phone.

You must make sure that:
1.             Battery is out
2.             Never try to turn on the phone when it is wet
3.             And don’t be impatient

These things will help you to regain your mobile. If it not worked after complete dry, try to use another battery. Best of luck if you ever has this situation.

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