IP Address Conflicting

IP Address Conflicting

Question: What Is an IP Address Conflict?

Answer: An IP address conflict occurs when two computers on a LAN (local area network) or the Internet have been assigned the same IP address. IP conflicts between two computers normally render either one or both of them unusable for network operations.
Resolving IP Address Conflicts
If you are using DHCP
1.       Click the Start menu button on the Windows taskbar.
2.       Click Run... on this menu.
3.       If the computer is holding a current IP address, type 'cmd' (without the quotes) in the text box that appears. A command prompt window appears on the screen.
4.       Type 'ipconfig' (without the quotes) to view the status of the computer's IP address(es).
5.       If the computer is holding a current IP address, type 'ipconfig /release' to let go of the address.
6.       Type 'ipconfig /renew' to obtain a new IP address (whether or not the computer is holding a current address).
If you are using static Ip address
1.       Try to change Ip address
2.    Open Windows Start menu.
3.    Open Control Panel.
4.    Classic view: Open Network Connections
Category view: Select Network and Internet Connections, and then Network Connections.
5.    Double-click on your active LAN or Internet connection.
6.    Click Properties.
This opens the Local Area Connections Properties window.
7.    In the General tab, highlight the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) item, and click Properties.
This opens the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties window.
8.    In the General tab, click Use the following IP address, and try a free IP address in the network. For example your conflicting ip address Is, try to use
9.    Click OK.
10. Click OK to close each window.
11. Restart your computer.
12. Then, check your IP address again, to make sure that the changes were applied.

If you want to see free IP address in your network, simple way is to go to another computer which is working fine in network. Click on Start, and then go to Run. In the box type CMD, and press ok, Command prompt will appear, over their type ping, give space, and IP Address of the same range. Like if your conflicting IP address is, try to ping Then press Enter. If the result is Request Time out, then is a free IP Address. Change it with the conflicting IP address. If you get Reply from …….., Then try to pin another number like


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